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Cryptocurrency invention serves as a blessing to humanity at the moment. It is innovating the face of transaction globally. Although some nations are cracking down on it. It is a punishable offense under the law if caught dealing in cryptocurrency. One significant advantage of the advent of cryptocurrency is the birthing of ICO (Initial coin offering). One of the ICO causing a buzz in the crypto world is Ecko coin ICO. Ecko ICO is an all-encompassing project. An ICO that is working together not only to sell a coin, but to develop a community.
Any serious sector of the economy or establishment that is ready to innovate the way things are done and better the form of its participant must be able to take full advantage of technology if not, such venture will be left behind. Like most ICO, ECKO COIN also sells its token to it, participant. The power of operating is saddled in the hand of the users. Therefore optimal security is ensured. The major problem technologies are security and trust; the ECKO ICO is a secured. ECKO COIN has helped to solve this problem by providing maximum protection of the users, and there token.
A lot of ICO are setup for fraudulent purposes. They sell coin but at the end of the day they won’t be launched to the public. The brain behind ECKO coin is well-known faces, whose integrity have been proven over the years. ECKOCOIN  is the next big thing in the crypto community.
Below is some mainstream information about this Coin. If this sounds like what you have been looking for and you would like to be an owner rather than just throwing away your money into unknown ICO’s, then this is the right place to be.
Total supply is 300 Million Coins.
POS – 5 % per Annum.
100 Million Coins are reserved for developers.
The ICO is selling 2500 positions overall.
Launch date is February 1st, 2018.
The coin will hit the exchange in March.
It will be listed in the coinmarketcap in April.
1. RWCC will be listed in the maximum amount of exchanges.
2. More than six games sites will be able to use RWCC.
3. RWCC will also have a Cryptocurrency exchange. Where the pioneer of the coin will never pay any fees for any trade.
4. Being an owner, you will have 100k free Coins per position. The coin which you will get for just.005 BTC now will be worth $1000 in the first round.
You can get more update about the ICO on their Facebook page.
And if you would like to secure one of those 2500 positions right now then fill out this form and send your payment!