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eCommerce Checklist: Are you ready for the Black Friday Madness?

Black Friday reclaims first place as the busiest vacation shopping day in 2017. It has dethroned the precursor of last year, Super Saturday, which fell on Christmas Eve. According to ShopperTrak's predictions based on historical data, "although black Friday traffic does not reach the same peaks as during its heyday, the importance of the day remains unchallenged."

In the UK, he has been known to surpass Boxing Day. It has also shifted from analog to digital since Amazon introduced mania in 2010. Last year, 51% of sales came from smartphones, according to Mirror . While the giant retailers are gearing up for the store rush, almost everyone on the internet with something interesting to offer can also join and enjoy the profits on November 24th.

If you have an online store, it's time to get ready if you have not done it. To get started, here's your free black Friday checklist:

Clean and segment your mailing list

Take this opportunity to clean up your list, as well as to revise or create segments. The iContact email marketing service provider emphasizes the importance of well-ordered and targeted lists. In addition to tailoring the message to the preferences of each segment, you can also track and analyze users' online activities later. Good lists improve deliverability, commitment and profitability. They also help optimize the performance of promotional content in email newsletters.

Transmitting relevant information to potential customers

Buyers are now more knowledgeable than ever. They check comparison sites and download price monitoring apps to get the best deals. According to the Shopify eCommerce platform, those who are listening to the retail Thanksgiving weekend are conducting their research as early as the month of October. This month is the perfect time to broadcast your content.

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Communicate with potential customers through your website, newsletters and social media profiles. Build an interest in your discounts and offers. You can post alerts and updates with the help of images and videos. Encourage your audience to download your app if you have one. Also, make sure you stand out in the crowd by incorporating your brand identity into your content.

That said, it's best to have a localized URL, and you'll need a proper UK domain for optimized targeting. Do it if you renew your domain registration this month. You can supplement it with content marketing tactics, such as producing rich content. You can also keep your performance on and off page even after the name change.

Testing new software and new strategies

Two words: experience of the user.

A slow loading time is one of the main reasons why visitors leave a site. Although it may seem trivial on an ordinary day, it can be catastrophic during Black Friday. You might want to perform a full feature test before the big day. Plus, you have to make sure that he keeps running Thanksgiving on Thursday at Cyber ​​Monday. Knowing that there will be an increase in traffic, you can install additional software and test it too to keep things smooth.

At the end of the design, consider airworthiness. Some customers may be so attracted to the interface of your site that they end up buying more than expected. How do you do this? Introduce an express payment in 3 steps. You can also present the home page, the catalog and the support with the help of a drop down menu to offer a more streamlined navigation. Do not do too many things because customers can find them too much gadgets.

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Revisiting the mistakes of the past

Last but not least, learn the lessons of the mistakes of the past. Before thinking about new ideas, ask the team to share one or two things they will not want to repeat this time. You should be able to see some patterns in their answers. If you think the topics deserve to be discussed, go ahead and think about it. You can then determine if they should be deleted, replaced or upgraded this year.

From there, you can move the conversation to how sales can be multiplied this black Friday. If you open during Thanksgiving Thursday and Cyber ​​Monday, include them in the action plan. When it comes to the biggest shopping vacation for brick and mortar stores and online, you do not want to miss a beat.