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Electric vehicle charging station powered by IOTA unveiled in the Netherlands

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An electric vehicle charging station in the Netherlands is now using IOTA's Tangle technology for the machine-to-machine communication.

ElaadNL, a smart charging initiative powered by solar and wind energy by Dutch grid operators, is associated with IOTA for the first DLT-powered charging station for electric vehicles. The charging station is located on the campus of Arnhems Buiten, a business park test site open to the public where customers can access machine-to-machine charging and type payments. smart-meter for parking and the energy they consume. cars. A developer offers an overview of what the code looks like –

Source: Medium

"We see the potential of DLTs, and we thought," Can we integrate that into a charging station? Can we use this technology to create a more integrated system, such as smart grids, and get the most renewable energy possible in the system? Harm said Harm van den Brink, an ElaadNL developer in a blog post.

The charging station has the following characteristics –

  • "Recharge based on kWh"
  • A proprietary IOTA loading application
  • "kWh measurement storage" s apparent to the odometer of a car

The IOTA charger is based on IOTA's open-source Tangle technology, an internal protocol that works without blocks or minors and provides "secure data transfers" as well as free micropayments. . The IOTA charging station joins several other ElaadNL smart innovations and technologies for electric cars that are also on the site, such as a "quick charger, a charging island, a battery" and a battery charger. pair of charging lanterns.

Here is a photo of the IOTA charging station that powers a mini Tesla suitable for driving a child in the Netherlands.

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Developers have kept some of the themes that are consistent across all EV charging stations, including the following colors: yellow / slow motion; green / connected; light blue / offering; dark blue / loading; and red / error.

The co-founder of IOTA, Dominik Schiener, is quoted in the blog:

"Electric vehicle charging is one of the many applications where IOTA as the basic protocol for transactional settlement between machines is the obvious choice." Enexis' team in creating the very first IOTA-based EV charging station has been great and will pave the way for greater adoption of IOTA in the space of mobility. "

Inters of IOTA

The IOTA DLT fueled millions of micropayment transactions and identified "electric vehicle parking based on micropayment by touch [and]" among its use cases. As NCC has already reported, IOTA's Tangle technology is also fueling the Taipei smart city initiative.

The digital currency of IOTA, which is currently ranked number 9 among the major digital coins according to market capitalization, exchanges higher with peers after gaining 12% on the day.

Featured image of IOTA.

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