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Electronic Commerce Product Releases: February 19, 2018

Below is a list of product updates and product updates for February from companies offering services to online merchants. There are updates on content creation, streaming, mobile messaging and several updates from Amazon.

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Electronic Commerce Product Releases

Snap launches Snap Store . Snap launched Snap Store in the Discovery section of the app. Users can purchase Snapchat merchandise, such as a $ 50 Winkface sweatshirt or a $ 20 Hot Dog Plush. The store is primarily a tool to promote brand loyalty. However, this will provide insight into the potential for wider commerce within the application.

Snap Store

Webgility launches 1-click accounting for Amazon. Webgility, an e-commerce automation provider in the small and medium business market, has announced an enhancement to its Webgility Unify software. 1-Click Accounting Webgility for Amazon allows sellers to easily view Amazon Marketplace orders, refunds, expenses, and payments in QuickBooks or Xero. Unify users can now quickly reconcile their accounting with their Amazon settlement report, eliminating the need for additional data entry or a separate clearing account. Contact us for price.

Alibaba signs a contract to offer Disney shows on video platforms. Alibaba announced a multi-year content license agreement with The Walt Disney Company. According to the agreement, more than 1,000 animated episodes of Disney will be published on Youku and on the platforms selected by Alibaba, making it the largest Disney animation collection in China.

Intellyo announces the launch of the creation engine. Intellyo announced the launch of its free automated content management software. The creative engine allows individuals and businesses to manage all facets of the content creation and production process, from research to amplification. An integrated quality analyzer provides automated tips to optimize the impact of search engine optimization. Comprehensive process management and a list of integrations simplify the workflow for editing and distribution.

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Attentive collects $ 13 million for a personalized mobile messaging platform. Attentive, a personalized mobile messaging platform for e-commerce and retail businesses, has announced a $ 13 million Series A investment led by Bain Capital Ventures, with the participation of Eniac Ventures and from NextView Ventures. Attentive offers brands a new way to automatically send personalized mobile messages throughout the customer's lifecycle, from product recommendations and time-limited sales to payments and time-based customer service. real. Contact us for price.

Vogue and GQ to test the content in the Echo look of Amazon. Amazon Echo Look, a version equipped with a camera-powered devices by Alexa, will now present Vogue and GQ content on the home screen of its mobile application. Users take a selfie using the Look, and when they send it to the app, they will see the fashion, celebrity, and service content of Conde Nast titles, some of them. shoppable – Condé Nast owns Vogue and GQ. If the user clicks to buy a product from the publisher's content via the app, the publisher gets a cut of the sale. Content will be chosen by Condé Nast and Amazon employees and updated weekly.

Amazon launches a delivery service to compete with FedEx and UPS. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is preparing to launch a delivery service for businesses, in order to compete directly with FedEx and UPS. "Shipping with Amazon" will pick up packages from companies and ship them to consumers. The service will be launched in Los Angeles in the "coming weeks" with companies selling on Amazon.

Zaius integrates with Zendesk for a complete view of the customer experience. Zaius, a B2C customer management platform, announced the immediate availability of its product integration with Zendesk, which builds software for better customer relationships. By integrating Zendesk customer support data and unifying them with purchase behavior data, product data and more, Zaius provides a centralized customer database, segmentation and campaign targeting and analytics. to understand the relationship between the customer and his satisfaction. assessments.

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Amazon offers Whole Foods deliveries via Prime. Amazon announced that it would begin to deliver Whole Foods grocery products through its Prime Now service. He will add Whole Foods to his one hour and two hour delivery service in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach, and plans to expand across the country this year.

Monetate and AgilOne combine to offer smarter customization. Monetate, a leader in customization software for consumer brands, announced a partnership with AgilOne, a customer data platform for B2C companies. Through this collaboration, Monetate will provide customers with smarter customization, including complete and complete customer profiles, orchestrated omni-channel engagement, and information about current and potential customers so brands can connect the right content to the right person. . , conversions and revenues.

Episerver announces a new visitor intelligence product. Episerver, the content management and marketing platform, announced the launch of Episerver Insight and a new API without interface, an API for any device, to help businesses get more complete information. Episerver Insight enables marketers and merchandisers to track and visualize the digital behavior of authenticated clients and anonymous visitors. By leveraging the Episerver Data Management Platform, Episerver Insight helps users act on behavioral data and create more efficient segmentation and targeting. Contact for the price.

The Amazon Treasure Truck offers offers in select markets of the Whole Foods Market. Amazon has announced that Treasure Trucks will appear on various Whole Foods Market sites across the country with new offers and incentives. Treasure Truck selects new, trendy, local or delicious items, loads them on the truck. Items are available for purchase from the Treasure Truck through the Amazon app.

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Amazon Treasure Truck

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