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Electronic Commerce Product Releases: May 16, 2018

Here is a list of product launches for mid-May from companies offering services to online merchants. There are updates on analysis, automated campaigns, research, communication with customers and artificial intelligence.

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Electronic Commerce Product Releases

HubSpot launches the integration of Shopify. HubSpot announced that its Shopify integration is online and available for installation by all shared clients at no additional cost. The HubSpot integration allows Shopify merchants to share their Shopify sales data with HubSpot and turn them into a sales and marketing signal. Users will see a new order pipeline and will see their online customers imported as new contacts.


Amazon introduces the report on the impact on small businesses. Amazon presented a report on the impact of small businesses highlighting new details about small and medium-sized businesses that have chosen to expand their business on Amazon. Just like the US economy, small and medium businesses are the backbone of Amazon's stores, offering its customers millions of unique products, according to Amazon.

Increase your sales and reach more customers with the new Google Shopping campaigns. Google indicates that its new type of Shopping campaign offers a fully automated solution to boost sales and reach more customers. The new type is automatically optimized for goals and eliminates the approximations of your daily optimizations to reach your marketing goal. With a feed, a campaign and a remarketing tag, you just add products.

Squarespace integrates Google Search Console. Squarespace has integrated the Google Search Console to help you identify the keywords that drive traffic to your site and understand how you are doing in the search. This information, available in Squarespace Analytics' new 'Google Keywords Search' panel, will help you refine your search engine strategy to optimize rankings. Once your site is verified, you can access the new Google Search Keywords panel, where you can view your top keywords based on the total number of impressions, clicks, clickthrough rates, and placement positions. research.

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Clicksco joins the NVIDIA Inception Program. Clicksco Group, an international independent marketing specialist, has joined the NVIDIA Inception program to strengthen the capabilities of its Carbon by Clicksco technology. Launched earlier this year, Carbon, an audience management platform, enables agencies, advertisers and publishers to collect and leverage their customer data for personalized online experiences and data monetization. 39; hearing.

Shopify announces the Ping app for unified client communication. Shopify has announced a new application to help online merchants communicate directly with customers in a unified messaging tool. Boosting email applications already used by entrepreneurs, Shopify Ping offers a free mobile workspace that brings together customer conversations, marketing workflows and more into a single iOS app.

Instagram quietly launches payments for the trade. Instagram has added a native payment feature to their app. It allows users to register a debit or credit card, set up a safety pin, and then buy products without leaving the application. According to TechCrunch, native payments for booking appointments, for example in restaurants and lounges, are now available to a limited number of partners.

Etsy launches reviews for Pattern's websites. The Etsy Web Site Creation Tool, Pattern, allows you to create a website as unique as your brand and extend your reach beyond the Etsy market. You can synchronize your Etsy inventory instantly and your Etsy shop reviews can be displayed on your website.

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Etsy Pattern

Volusion migrates to Google Cloud. Volusion, an e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses, announced the successful migration of its 30,000 e-commerce stores to the Google Cloud Platform. The benefits for GCP, according to Volusion, include unparalleled page speeds, increased network reliability, and sophisticated site-wide security. The migration has already improved site performance for Volusion merchants. To date, merchants have seen an average improvement of 15% in page loading time without site optimization.

MSTS introduces credit as a service for businesses. MSTS, a global provider of B2B payment and credit solutions, has implemented the Credit as a Service service. It is a suite of applications and services enabling companies to access robust payment and credit solutions to boost global commerce.

Facebook launches Google Analytics applications. At its F8 Developer Conference earlier this month, Facebook introduced a new Google Analytics mobile app, where users can view their most important metrics while traveling in a streamlined interface.

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Analysis of Facebook

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