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Electronic Commerce Product Releases: October 16, 2017

Below is a list of product updates and product updates for October from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on shipping, mobile returns, voice-activated trading, payments and Instagram purchases.

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Electronic Commerce Product Releases

Shopping on Instagram is now available to BigCommerce merchants. BigCommerce has announced support for sales via Instagram. Through a new integration, BigCommerce merchants will have access to Instagram purchases that allow Internet users to discover, browse and purchase product publications via iOS and Android apps from Instagram. In addition, merchants using the new Instagram purchase feature have access to useful information about channels, such as the number of fans who interacted with product details or clicked on "Buy Now" for visit their shop.

BigCommerce launches a grocery store brand for Generation Y., Walmart's e-commerce site, will launch a private label, Uniquely J, for the millennium of the metro . The brand is expected to be launched in dozens of food and household categories. Earlier in the year, Walmart began selling its private label brands on The new brand is expected to be more popular with younger buyers. private label products will be sold exclusively on the site for the first year and will then be sold on

ShipStation launches integration with SAP Anywhere. ShipStation, an e-commerce-based online shipping platform, announced its integration with SAP Anywhere. Designed for small and medium businesses, SAP Anywhere makes it easy to manage multichannel commerce, sales, order fulfillment, inventory, marketing, customer relationship management, and customer service. . SAP Anywhere merchants will be able to connect their stores to ShipStation and approximately 150 sales channels, including eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Big Cartel, Rakuten and Sears.

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Webgility introduces new flexible pricing plans. Webgility, a player in e-commerce automation software in the small and medium-sized enterprise market, has introduced a new pricing structure and several new features designed to evolve with a business, going from one business to another. simple self-service option to a rich feature offering. . Webgility's flagship product, Unify, will provide merchants with a more complete overview of their business, displaying yesterday, current, and historical sales for single-channel and multi-channel vendors. . Unify automation capabilities have also been extended. Price: Plans start at $ 24 a month.

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Amazon tests the "Seller Flex" delivery service for merchants. Amazon is testing "Seller Flex," an online delivery service for third-party merchants in the United States. The service debuted in India two years ago. The US program begins on the West Coast and will expand in 2018. Amazon will manage pickup by delivery to customers, transferring more logistical processes to its own control without having to import additional third-party merchandise into its centers. 39; execution.

Google announced the nationwide integration of Google Express and Google Assistant with Target. Buyers in the United States will now be able to buy from Target through the Google Assistant and receive Google Express delivery. Target will offer a 2-day delivery, as well as free shipping for orders over $ 35. Buyers will be able to add the REDcard to Google Express for a 5% discount on most targeted orders, as well as free shipping. Targeted customers will also be able to choose to receive personalized recommendations and a quick replenishment experience based on Target's previous purchases.

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Stripe launches Elements, a free toolbox for creating personalized payment experiences. Starting Online Payment Stripe launched Elements, a free solution for creating personalized payment experiences. Stripe elements are preconfigured and rich user interface components that help you create your own payment streams on your computer and mobile. By helping your customers to enter their information quickly and correctly, Elements will minimize user errors and increase the number of successful payments.

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Shopify tests the shopping feature of Instagram for merchants. Shopify started deploying "Shopping on Instagram" to thousands of merchants before the holiday season of 2017. In this new deployment, merchants selected by Instagram and Shopify will be able to start tagging their messages with products in Instagram apps. . With this feature, Instagram will join Shopify's sales channels to help merchants grow their mobile business, alongside Facebook, Messenger, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Houzz, and more. Once the Shopify test phase is complete, the Shopping on Instagram feature will be available to everyone.

Walmart facilitates online returns with Mobile Express returns. Beginning in November, Walmart customers using the new Mobile Express return service will be able to return to the Walmart app before entering the physical store. Once in the store, the customer scans the QR code of an item with his or her phone and sends the item back to the sales associate on a Mobile Express channel in the customer service area. The process should take 30 seconds, one third of the average time needed to process a return. At launch, only items sold and shipped by will be eligible for service.

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NCR and Worldpay Launch NCR Silver's Ring Up for Micro Merchants. NCR has launched Ring Up of NCR Silver, a mobile point-of-sale service designed for micro businesses that need a simple way to manage the sales process and accept payments. It also saves merchants time by helping them create a product catalog in advance, review total sales, send e-receipts, and create marketing databases for opt-in customers. . The application is now available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Bpost accelerates the expansion of its online logistics business with the acquisition of Radial. Bpost – Belgium Post Group – announced the acquisition of Radial, a US-based company, to expand its offerings and accelerate the development of Bpost's e-commerce logistics solutions . Radial is a provider of integrated logistics and omni-channel technology solutions for e-commerce and provides integrated services such as payment, tax, fraud protection, and brand and service management and support. retailers.

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