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Electronic Commerce Product Releases: October 2, 2017

Below is a list of late September product releases and updates from companies that offer online merchant services. There are updates on advertising, visual search, artificial intelligence, multimedia storytelling, voice-activated trading, mobile commerce and subscription services.

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Electronic Commerce Product Releases

MailChimp launches the product of Google remarketing ads. MailChimp launches a remarketing product Google Google, which allows small and medium businesses to create Google retargeting ads from MailChimp. Users can launch a Google remarketing ad campaign from their MailChimp dashboard. They can then connect their site to MailChimp and automatically generate thousands of ad sizes and locations, pre-filled products. There is no extra cost – pay the same as directly through Google.

MailChimp: Google remarketing ads.

The target incorporates Pinterest Lens's visual search. Target announced that it was going to begin incorporating Lens Lens visual search technology into its websites and applications. With Lens, users can take a photo of an object and get a set of products that look like or complement the photo. First, Target will incorporate Lens into its registry experience. Then Lens will be incorporated into the application.

A Boston startup launches an artificial intelligence platform that predicts the conversion of a website. WEVO, an artificial intelligence technology and crowdsourcing start-up, launches a new platform for digital marketers to test and improve website conversion before they are implemented online. The platform predicts conversion test results, provides audience information, and helps marketers create a more efficient website. WEVO makes this possible before developing the pages of the site or launching A / B tests. Marketers simply download images from the page templates that they wish to test and select their target audience. Users can test the pages being designed, the online pages and even the competitors' pages. Contact us for price.

Adobe Spark now offers premium features. Adobe Spark unveiled features for its multimedia storytelling tool. With the new features, create and share branded articles in three Spark formats: Publication (for graphics), Page (for Web pages) and Video (for video). The basic Spark will remain free. Spark with premium features is included with all Creative Cloud plans, or available for purchase as a standalone new plan on the Spark website or in iOS Spark apps.

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Bridge2 Solutions launches Points Pal, a voice-activated rewards platform. Bridge2 announces Points Pal, a voice-activated experience for rewards programs that support multiple virtual assistants. Members of thousands of employee loyalty and incentive programs can give orders to Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Cortana and many other voice recognition platforms simply by saying "Open Pal Points". Pal Points connects members to their reward accounts. millions of items to buy with their rewards currency.

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Insite Software launches an integrated e-commerce mobile application. Insite Software, a business-to-business platform, announced the release of InsiteCommerce Mobile App, a fully configurable, white label mobile app for manufacturers and distributors. InsiteCommerce Mobile App enables companies to engage customers anywhere and anytime with a native mobile experience fully integrated with InsiteCommerce.

comScore launches a suite of activation solutions. comScore has launched Activation, a new suite of products that helps advertisers, agencies and media companies reach the right audiences at the right time. With Activation, customers use the same data as comScore's planning and measurement products to create scalable audience segments. comScore Activation is currently available in more than 15 major ad platforms, including Adobe, AppNexus, Centro, Salesforce, Tru Optik and Videology. Contact us for price.

Google launches Tez, a mobile payment app. Google launches Tez, a payment and trading app designed for India, in addition to the country's standard Unified Payments Interface. Pay nearby without sharing your private details like a bank account or phone number. Tez for Business is a program allowing large and small businesses to connect with consumers of the Tez app to make payments, share offers, products and exchangeable updates.

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BigCommerce launches a new catalog transfer application. BigCommerce, an e-commerce platform for established and fast-growing brands, has announced new tools to help online retailers migrate data between e-commerce platforms. The suite of free catalog transfer applications allows merchants who currently sell on other ecommerce platforms to easily import critical product catalog resources and customer data to BigCommerce, thus reducing the cost and time associated with migration.

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EBANX publishes a new gateway for Magento. EBANX, the Latin American payment service, has launched a payment gateway for Magento, to accept the most popular local payment methods in Latin America and receive money from anywhere in the world. The gateway features high conversion features to boost sales, such as simple integration and more than 50 local payment methods for Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. Contact us for price.

Sofia Vergara launches EBY, a subscription service for women's underwear. Sofia Vergara and Renata Black have launched EBY, a women's underwear website that allows users to receive up to three pairs of underwear every three months. Customers choose between flip flops, cheekies and briefs, or a mix. They also choose neutrals, colors and patterns, or a combination of both.

Adobe introduces Google Analytics for retailers. Adobe Analytics Cloud has launched workspaces designed for distribution brands. By leveraging Analysis Workspace, the tool for discovering and analyzing Adobe Analytics data, distribution brands can discover meaningful information using predefined templates. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Artificial Intelligence and Adobe Machine Learning, these new models are designed to detect anomalies and analyze contributions in order to access real-time conversion rates. , merchandising, product performance and product research methods. ]

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