Encrybit offers 100, 75 and 50 XRP to Top 3 Selected Survey Partakers


When everyone around you has taken a deep dive in the ocean of “Cryptocurrency” even the kids and elderly, you feel sought of left out. As you are still not holding any of the virtual coins! Feared enough to lose your money? We understand that the market is highly volatile and the risk of losing money is gradually more than other investment options. But when the market is bearish, you can have unimaginable returns!

To help out the people like you who are willing to have a trial with cryptocurrency, there are some give away schemes open. Such schemes are gambling, gaming, scams which offer luring schemes in the beginning and then steals away your affluence. So, none of these risk taking schemes is beneficial to you. Ever wondered if any cryptocurrency is genuinely available for free?

The answer to your questions is “Yes”. The providers do offer an opportunity to give away free coins in order to spread awareness for their noble cause. You won’t be scammed for relying on such give away.

We know the first question you’ll ask us is “How to search for such free coins offerings”? Read further to find the answer.

Check for legitimacy of the offer

You must be knowing that no one will distribute free cryptocurrencies just for the sake of giving. There must be some want in return. So, look for the purpose of giving away free coins. It should be convincing to you. Also, the provider will ask you for your identity details as well for their future records.

About the Free Ripple offer

So, you are reading this blog so far to know about the offer. Here comes an end to your curiosity. An online survey is conducted by “Encrybit – The Future of Exchange”. The purpose of this survey is to gather the valuable suggestions of cryptocurrency traders regarding the issues faced with existing trading platforms and their expectations from the future of exchange.

Encrybit will distribute Ripple to the Top 3 Survey participants in the amount of 100 XRP, 75 XRP and 50 XRP respectively.

If you do not make it to the top 3 positions then also you are entitled to receive ENB token once the Encrybit ICO starts.

Submit the Survey to avail the offer

The survey is live at present. Access it here: https://goo.gl/fhK8dG

30th April 2018 is the last date to record your response to the survey. For authentication purpose, the survey form asks you to enter your name, email address, relevant wallet address to accept the reward and follow Encrybit on their Twitter and Telegram channels.

Follow these tips and increase your chances of winning

The survey organizer needs to know your personal view concerning the current state of exchanges, the real-time issues you face while trading and your valuable suggestions for how you expect the things to be. Kindly write your answers precisely and in a self-explanatory manner. If possible answer all the questions in the form as it will increase your chances of winning. The entire questionnaire isn’t mandatory but you have to answer any 3 to submit the form.

Receive the reward directly in your wallet

Isn’t that amazing? You just have to submit a survey and if you win, the reward will be directly transferred to your wallet! Results of the survey will be declared on Encrybit’s Telegram channel, within 10 days of survey completion. Hence, we don’t need to mention that you have to keep following the channel and it’s mandatory too. When you are announced as winner, Encrybit will ask you to share your XRP wallet address and the reward will be credited to your wallet within 30 days of survey completion based on your winning position.

The non-winning participants will have to provide their ERC20 MyEther Wallet address for receiving the ENB token which will be distributed after Encrybit ICO begins.

Purpose of the offer

Encrybit’s goal is to develop a highly improved and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform. To achieve their goal productively, collecting users’ opinion from all over the world is the best source of improvement. And the modest way to accumulate views from all over the world is none other than organizing an online survey.

The purpose of giveaway is to get the best possible feedback by having a cut-throat competition among the participants. Also, a way to say thank you for your time and support.

Such offers are once in a lifetime. Don’t miss the opportunity. Hurry and record your response now!