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Erato's Verse Lightweight Wireless Headphones Provide Solid Sound at a Good Price

Erato, one of the first companies to manufacture and sell wireless headphones, offers a new product, Verse, more affordable than its flagship Apollo 7 buds, but with excellent sound quality, a lighter form factor. and innovative graphene drivers that deliver quality sound with less compromise. The small bullet-shaped headphones are a good alternative for potential customers of AirPod who do not have the right ear shape or who are looking for better sound insulation compared to wireless buds. 39; Apple.

Verse buds have a major flaw compared to other wireless buds – they have an announced autonomy of only three hours of music playback, which is at least an hour less than most others options. They come with a battery case that can recharge them along the way, and finally, Erato says that they will provide up to 15 hours of playback between the case and the headphones with a full charge (although you will need to reload the buds by storing them every three hours or so.)

The case itself looks a lot like the Apple AirPods case – it's matte black and a bit bigger, but it has a similar swivel top and even produces a very similar sound to that of the camera. AirPods when it is closed. A label on the stainless steel hinge for the top of the case also says "Designed by Erato California, Assembled in China" in case you have doubts about the origin of their inspiration.

As for the buds themselves, they have the same shape as the Apollo 7, that is, they look like bullets with rubber spikes at the end, and with a little button at the end of each bud. The headphones also have a matte black finish (or white, depending on the model you buy), which gives the plastic a superior quality. In addition, they are incredibly light – so light that they feel like accessories rather than true functional electronics.

Despite their lightness, they sound good – and substantial. They have more bass than their Apple counterparts, and in general you will enjoy a fuller sound, better because the "spin-fit" silicone tips that Erato includes with the buds are much more likely to provide a stable fit in your ears.

The other improvement that Erato has made here is in the case – it's much better than the one delivered with the Apollo 7, providing a much more reliable connection with the heads they are. for the charge itself. Its rounded edges and snap-on lid also make it a fantastic fantasy item, if you're into that kind of thing.

Erato's bid is strong in the $ 150 price range, where it wins the honor of being the best option currently available. If the life of the battery was a bit better, it would be obvious, but as it is, you could consider other options if it is your purchase criterion. Most important.

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