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Essential Factors Roofing Contractors Canton Michigan Should Consider When Choosing Credit Card as A Means of Payment

Essential Factors Roofing Contractors Canton Michigan Should Consider When Choosing Credit Card as A Means of Payment

Many roofers would not take credit cards as a means of payment but prefer payments with checks. Notwithstanding, there are some essential factors roofing contractors Canton Michigan, should consider when choosing a credit card as a means of payment. Not every homeowner has cash in their checking account to pay for roofing services. 

Why Roofing Contractors Canton Michigan Should Consider Credit Card Payments

Roofing contractors may face some challenges when they do not accept homeowners’ credit card payments. Some of these include losing a roof job contract, losing potential clients to another roofing contractor who accepts a credit card payment, etc. Do you know that accepting credit card payments strikes a trust factor for your clients? It guarantees them that they could make a chargeback when the roofing job is not done properly. Therefore, closing sales using a credit card is one thing you need for your residential roofing business to earn more trust. 

What Roofers Should Consider When Shopping for A Credit Card Processor

Rates for Credit Cards Processing

Every card processing fee includes a certain percentage rate and transaction fee. Roofers have high-dollar tickets; therefore, the transaction fee is insignificant. However, the rate is as well an essential factor.

Pass The Credit Card Fee to Consumers

Roofers should consider passing the credit card fee to potential consumers (homeowners). Some roofers charge a “non-cash adjustment” for homeowners who do not have the cash to pay by check. Such programs are made available by electric money companies. The program is a customs fee that permits you to charge a flat fee on the invoice amount. For example, roofers would charge 3 percent, the generally accepted fee for taking credit card payments.

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Work with A Processor That Has an Interchange Cost Plus Pricing

It is recommended that roofers work with an integrated processor with an interchange cost and pricing. This method helps to bring down the roofer’s cost to the lowest. It should be noted that debit cards have the lowest discount rates, next to Credit cards, then Rewards cards, before Corporate cards stand the highest discount rate. Therefore, using the Interchange Cost Plus offers the roofing contractor Canton Michigan the advantage when homeowners pay with debit cards. 

Roofers will have to make payment easy for homeowners by taking card payments in different forms; it could be in person, through online invoices, over the phone, or on-site using a card reader attached to a mobile phone. First, however, a reliable merchant service provider should provide:

  • Quick book accounting integration.
  • Invoicing tools.
  • Virtual terminals.
  • Mobile payment apps.
  • Several other features can be used to optimize day-to-day transactions and maintain steady revenue. 


Just as roofing services are being improved daily, so also the methods of payment should be upgraded. Serving homeowners with an easy method of payment help to get more clients and build customer relationship. Therefore, it would be advantageous for roofing contractors Canton Michigan to consider accepting credit card payments from their clients.