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Essential Phone arriving in three new limited edition colors

The Essential Phone, still among the best deals you can find in smartphones today, is now set to be available in three new colors, including "Ocean Depths", "Copper Black" and "Stellar Gray". include two previously announced colors, the Ocean Depths aquamarine-ish and the matte "Stellar Gray", but also the surprising third options, which adopts the shiny black back of the all-black essentials current, but with the band of & # 39; 39, titanium copper antenna of the Ocean Depths colorway.

These new models all have the same specifications and internal capabilities as the original versions, but offer a beautiful variety in terms of aesthetics. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to take a look at these photos in person, and they really have an impressive visual impact. The matte black on the Stellar Gray is a good choice if you find the piano-like surface of Essential Essential ceramics for example, and the Ocean Depths hue is unique in the world of smartphones, and a very captivating color when you see it in the flesh – or metal and ceramics, so to speak.

  1. color_option_4

  2. color_option_3

  3. color_option_2

The new color options are limited editions – Essential tells me that means when they're gone, they're gone. They are sold exclusively on the Essential website, and they will each run the full $ 599 price of the original launching devices, starting at 12 pm PT today with Ocean Depths, then with a staggered schedule with Stellar Gray online. February 20 and the arrival of Copper Black on February 22, so you have time to plan and decide if a bold new look is worth your money. It's still an agreement over the price of other major flagships.

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