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Essential Phone can now stream live on Facebook from the 360 ​​camera add-on

The Essential Phone just got an update of the camera software that will allow device owners to stream 360-degree live video from the native app, provided that they also have the Essential 360 camera. The update does not require any additional software, and the live broadcast becomes available as soon as you turn on the 360 ​​camera on the magnetic accessory port at the back. Essential phone.

Snapping on the camera will start the camera application as before, in 360 mode, then you can either press the 360 ​​degree Live option, or simply scan to the left to switch to this mode. On first use, you will need to press the red "Live" button on the camera to sign into your Facebook account, then enable the permissions to publish to your account.

After that, you can choose the scope of your broadcasts, including the standard Facebook sharing options of "Only me, friends, friends, and public." Users can also fill in a description of their feeds as they wish, then tap this red icon again to access streaming. After this initial process, you will be authenticated for future flows.

Essential believes strongly in the potential of 360-degree media. I've talked to the team about being their first accessory for the modular connector on the back of the Essential Phone, and it's clear that they think that taking the # 1 39, advance to create and share 360 ​​content quickly and easily will position them well in the future. The Essential 360 camera and phone combo is probably also the easiest way to broadcast live 360 ​​degrees with Facebook, so we'll see if this goes against the users.

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Stock Image: Darrell Etherington