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Essential Phone is the best deal in smartphones thanks to camera updates

The Essential Phone has come a long way since its launch in a key area: photography. When it was launched on the market a few months ago, the camera had an unpleasant tendency to crush and was a little slow to load and process photos. But Essential has remained true to its promise to deliver frequent and effective updates to the Camera app, and the result is a total smartphone package that is easily the best value today at its reduced price of 499 $ – and it is good competitor for the Android smartphone period too with the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on the market.

I've used the Essential phone throughout its latest updates, and I've been paying close attention to the latest updates from the app that have brought a lot of stability and time of loading and capture. The image quality is also improved, especially in low light, giving the impression that Essential has been working under the hood to enhance the fusion work of the sensors that combines the images from its cameras two-tone / mono.

You can see examples of photos taken from the updated camera application below, including a selection of images taken in Japan. They certainly optimize for different qualities compared to some of the other major flagship devices out there, including the iPhone X and the Pixel 2, but I'm a fan of the Essential decisions regarding their results including Duller tones and a tendency to avoid exaggerating things like the colors of the sky.

  1. IMG_20171023_204030

  2. IMG_20171023_204237

  3. IMG_20171023_204815

  4. IMG_20171024_055045

  5. IMG_20171024_185224

  6. IMG_20171029_172044

  7. IMG_20171029_184341

  8. IMG_20171029_184519

  9. IMG_20171029_185509

  10. IMG_20171029_185812

  11. IMG_20171029_190006

  12. IMG_20171029_223744

  13. IMG_20171029_225006

  14. IMG_20171029_225035

  15. IMG_20171029_225145

  16. IMG_20171029_225247

  17. IMG_20171029_225322

  18. IMG_20171101_082017

This is a great camera for landscapes and street pictures, day and night, and the video camera is now fast and reliable, although it lacks some of the more advanced features of Pixel 2 stabilization ( but no other smartphone compares to the pixel in this respect). It also lacks features such as a portrait mode to simulate low-aperture background blur, but its single-sensor mode still produces some of my favorite images that I've ever captured with a mobile device.

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Camera aside, Essential also greatly improved the overall stability, and with its most recent update, it introduced the fingerprint sensor scan gesture useful for bringing down the platter of notification of Google's Pixel line.

Twinning all the user experience enhancements with the Essential stuff immediately got out of the door, including its incredible industrial design (which easily overcomes the Android culture if not the industry, IMO) and its stellar screen (which avoids a lot of the issues inherent in that Pixel 2 XL pOLED), there is no doubt that the price of $ 499 pure and simple offer is a game of 39; child.

There are other ongoing projects that could bring out the Essential Phone even more, including an upcoming Android Oreo update, and additional modular additions possible via the same port. magnetic accessories at the back, but even Leaving them aside, Essential is the best deal in smartphones right now, and probably the best period of the device for a lot of people.