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Etherecash aims to change the way we lend, send and spend; ICO Announcement

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Financial inclusion has been touted as key to reducing global poverty and achieving inclusive global growth. However, more than 2 billion people remain unbanked despite advances in modern technology. The cause of this problem can be attributed to the complex and often draconian processes involved in obtaining loans.

A digitized payment system was presented as the best possible solution. Financial services for individuals and businesses can help reduce income inequality and accelerate economic growth. However, there is still no comprehensive solution to this problem so far.

Etherecash will disrupt the financial sector by revolutionizing three basic financial services; loan, sending and expense. Etherecash significantly improves transparency, security and reliability by providing peer-to-peer lending through smart contracts backed by lawyers on the blockchain.

The adoption and integration of blockchain technology brings a new level of trust, transparency and accountability through its distributed and immutable nature – attributes that the financial services sector desperately needs after the 2008 financial crisis. Technology facilitates loan and loan options to third parties accessible anywhere in the world and at any time.

By removing the middlemen, Etherecash offers more competitive terms, better access and faster approvals to the annual lending industry of over $ 55 billion, which is expected to reach $ 490 billion from the year before. by 2020.

The provision of loans through a peer network allows market participants to reach a wider audience of borrowers and lenders of economic origins and backgrounds. different financial markets, giving them access to a more competitive market.

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Built on the ethereum platform, Etherecash uses smart contracts to facilitate custom transactions on agreed terms. Transactions are recorded in a decentralized, tamper-proof and irreversible public registry in accordance with KYC and AML regulations. Smart contracts backed by lawyers and blockchain technology offer total security, transparency, accessibility and convenience for users of the multi-currency loan platform.

Using Etherecash, users can lend, send and spend money on a globally decentralized network. The platform brings taSet star imagengibility and actual use for cryptocurrencies through the implementation of a multi-cryptocurrency debit card that not only allows users to store and spend their crypto-currencies in line, but also to retract. ]

In order to present the services to the community, Etherecash will lead an ICO campaign. 360 million chips (ECH) have been created, of which 144 million chips will be made available for the crowdsale event.

The Pre-ICO campaign is scheduled to start on October 25, 2017 and end on November 7, 2017. The OIC's main campaign will begin on November 15, 2017 and will end on December 19, 2017. The following bonuses have been structured for the event:

Pre-ICO Bonus

25 October – 25%

October 26 to 31 – 22%

November 1 to 7 – 20%

OIC Main Premium

November 15 – 15%

Week One – 12%

Week two – 10%

Third week – 5%

Fourth week – 3%

Week five – 0%

The OIC campaign has a target of $ 15 million (35 million chips) and a cap of $ 100 million.

Meet the team

Etherecash comes from a highly experienced team of blockchain experts, with over 50 years of experience. Together, they have designed an ecosystem that has the potential to provide a better future for billions of people around the world.

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CEO of Etherecash Jacky Thanh

Etherecash CEO and founder of Pro-Life Global, has over 20 years of experience in the US stock market and over 18 years of experience in exporting and importing. As a trade manager of the Chinese organization, he currently runs PROLIFE GLOBAL, a multi-billion company that helps to cure more than 108 diseases worldwide.

General Manager Miguel Aguirre

Former CEO and COO of many operations globally, Miguel Aguirre has over 18 years of international experience in managing multicultural teams in the United States, Spain, India and in Brazil. With engineering education, a passion for innovation and a proven history to deliver projects on a global scale.

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