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Etleap Gets $ 1.5 Million to Transform the Way We Ingest Data

Etleap is a play on words for a common set of data practices: extract, transform, and load. The startup tries to place these activities in a modern context, automating what they can and speeding up in general what has been a tedious and highly technical practice. Today, they announced a $ 1.5 million seed tour.

Investors include First Round Capital, Angel SV, Liquid2, BoxGroup and other unnamed investors. The startup was launched five years ago as a Y Combinator company. He has spent a good 2.5 years building the product says CEO and founder Christian Romming. They do not need additional funding until now because they have worked with real clients. These include Okta, PagerDuty and Fashion among others.

Romming started at the start of VigLink and he had a difficult problem to solve. "Our analysts and scientists were frustrated.Integrating data sources was not always a priority and when something broke, they could not fix it until a developer look at it. "This lack of control slowed things down and made it difficult to maintain the data warehouse. -dated.

He saw an opportunity to solve this problem and started Etleap. While there were (and continues to be) legacy solutions like Informatica, Talend, and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, he said that when he studied them on a very technical level, he did found that they needed help to implement them. He wanted to simplify as much as possible ETL, putting data integration in the hands of end users much less technical, rather than relying on IT and consultants.

One of the problems with traditional ETL is that data analysts who use the data tend to get involved very late after the tools have already been chosen and Romming says his company wants to change that . "They can consume whatever they have created for them.You end up with a line of bread where analysts are at the mercy of computer science to do their homework. one of the things we're trying to solve, we do not think there should be any engineering to put in place an ETL pipeline, "he said.

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Etleap comes in managed SaaS mode or you can run it in your company's AWS accounts. Regardless of the method, it manages the entire management, monitoring and operations for the client.

Romming points out that the product is really built for cloud data warehouses. For now, they focus on the AWS ecosystem, but have plans to expand beyond that. "We want to help more companies make better use of their data, while modernizing the data warehousing infrastructure and using cloud data warehouses," he said.

The company currently has 15 employees, but Romming plans to at least double that figure in the next 12 to 18 months, primarily by increasing the engineering team to help develop the product and create more connectors .