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Facebook begins to show all ads that a page is being run

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Facebook continues its efforts of transparency around pages and ads, by now including an "Info & Ads" section on the pages listing all the advertisements posted on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, as well as on the partner networks from Facebook.

This means that everyone can access a page and see the extent of their advertising, whether or not the ads are targeted to the user. There will also be an option on the posting to report if it is suspicious by clicking the "Report Announcement" button.

In addition to showing all the ads that a page has served, Facebook shares detailed information about the page, including its date of creation and if there have been recent name changes to the page. page.

"The vast majority of ads on Facebook are run by legitimate organizations – that it's a small business looking for new customers, a defense group of funds for their cause or a candidate politician.But we have also found that bad actors can abuse our products, "writes Rob Leathern, director of product management at Facebook, and its director of marketing. products, Emma Rodgers, the news blog of the company.

This update was announced for the first time in October of last year, with recent changes to Facebook's advertising policies. Facebook shared the following video to show how the new information will be displayed on a page:

Facebook says that it intends to add more information to the page soon. It also deploys the same political ad tags and its searchable commercials archive – first launched in the US last month – in Brazil, ahead of the upcoming October election.

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Facebook and Twitter have recently made radical changes to their advertising policies, aimed at protecting their platforms from malicious behavior that has occurred on apps during the 2016 presidential elections. Just today. hui, Twitter has launched its Ads Transparency Center, a searchable database of ads similar to Facebook's ad archives, allowing anyone to see ads that have been shown on the app in the last seven days.

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