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Facebook Creator App Offers Small Businesses New Video Options

With the video now clearly winning in customer engagement, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has just announced new tools for the creative community. This includes an application to manage the presence of creators on Facebook and a site where they can access resources to improve their skills and knowledge base.

So far, YouTube has been dominating this segment, and no one has really tried to compete with it. But over the past year, YouTube has changed its monetization policies, which has hurt many creators.

With over two billion users in its platform, Facebook can reasonably be able to enter, compete and even challenge YouTube's dominance. For small businesses, this means another platform that they can use to easily create and download videos for their audiences.

Chris Hatfield, Product Manager of Video at Facebook, said on the company's news blog: "On Facebook, creators can connect to more than two billion fans and potential collaborators, get to know their community, speak directly to fans with Live, and monetize with products like branded content. "

The Facebook Creator app

Described as a one-stop shop for creators, users can connect with communities on Facebook by making original videos and go live with exclusive features from their mobile device. Tools include Live Creative Kit, Community tab, Camera & Stories, and Insights.

These tools have all the imaging tools you need to create and communicate with your audience. Once you have created your video, the Insights analysis lets you see how users interact with it. It provides data on your page, your videos and your fans.

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A new website for resources

The new website, called Facebook for Creators, shows you how to create quality videos by learning new techniques and techniques. You will even find a page with answers to questions specific to the creators.

Facebook has also created a community in which users can quickly access new features and tools. You can join the community here.

Video and the small business

Video has become one of the most effective marketing modes in the digital world today. Access to smartphones and wireless broadband now allows users to consume video from virtually any location.

According to statistics highlighted by Wordstream, 87% of online merchants use video content and more video content is downloaded in 30 days than the major US television networks have created in 30 years. Video is the future of the digital ecosystem.

If, as a small business, you do not use video to interact with your customers, your competition will leave you behind. Whether you're using Facebook or another platform, there's nothing stopping you from creating custom videos.

Facebook Creator is now available worldwide on iOS from the Apple App Store. Android users can expect to board in the coming months.

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