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Facebook now posts related stories and shares information for articles as part of the ongoing news feed test

Facebook is developing a news feed test that it launched last year and which aims to help users determine the integrity of the information published on the platform. .

Originally, the test included an "i" button added to the news links that, once clicked, displayed more information about the article and the publisher who posted it # 39; executed. Now, in addition to the "i" button displaying more information about the article, it will also display a section of "Related Stories" with recent titles from the editor, a number of shares that shows where the article was shared geographically in United States and a list of the user's friends who shared it.

It is also possible to follow the publisher's page in the "About this article" information.

Facebook offered the following short video demonstrating how newly added "i" button information will be displayed:

Facebook indicates that the latest newsfeed test updates are being rolled out for everyone in the United States. (The initial announcement about the "i" button did not specify who, or how many users would see the test.)

Facebook also launches a new test to a limited number of users who will post information about the author of an article, but this test only concerns articles published via the Facebook Instant Articles format .

"The people participating in this test will be able to type the name of an author in the instant articles to view additional information, including a description of the author's Wikipedia entry, a button to follow their page or profile and other recent articles. ", Writes Facebook in the ad on its news site.

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Facebook indicates that the author's information will only appear if the article editor has set up author tags on his site Web and validated the association of the author to the publisher. This test does not extend to the United States as a whole; Instead, it is published as a "small test in the United States."

According to Facebook, new information on headline links in the news feed is the result of comments from the Facebook community and its academic and industrial partners.

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