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Facebook pages will get new video measurements and a commitment to follow graphics throughout the video

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Facebook gives page administrators more data on the performance of their videos. The company announced today three new measures that will be deployed in the coming weeks.

"As more and more publishers and creators share longer videos on our platform, it's becoming increasingly important to better understand audience retention," writes Facebook on his media blog.

The new statistics will include a number of follower and non-follower viewers that breaks down video audience views by people who follow the page versus those who do not follow the page. There will also be a new demographic distribution of audience by sex and a zoom chart that will highlight the audience engagement throughout the video.

Facebook says the zoom chart will allow administrators "… to take a closer look at the data, to better visualize the engagement throughout the video to see how key moments have affected the audience." 39; audience. "

The latest Facebook statistics for pages

Facebook is also excused for a bug that says its retention graph has rendered the data inaccurate for videos longer than two minutes: "We've also corrected the video retention graph. that the absolute retention data available to publishers and creators was accurate, in some cases, the retention graph rendered inaccurate for videos longer than two minutes. "

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In 2016, Facebook made a number of updates to its video measurement practices and policies after it was revealed that the platform had given advertisers inaccurate data. The company's video errors continued throughout last year and spanned a long list of video metrics, ranging from viewing time to organic reach, completion rates, and price tagging. number of interactions.

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