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Facebook will move (finally) to visible visible size only for Pages next year

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More than a year ago, Facebook said it would change the way the organic reach of Pages' posts includes only visible impressions. But this adjustment has not been made yet.

Facebook plans to introduce the new methodology – which will only count the organic scope when a page message will appear on a person's screen – in early 2018, according to a report. Facebook word.

When the company announced in November 2016 that it would count more than visible impressions for the number of organic pages articles like for ads, Facebook said the change would come into effect "in the coming months ". The solution took longer than expected, the spokesman said.

The news that Facebook has not yet switched to the number of visible organic visits only may surprise some brands and other owners of pages that have probably assumed that Facebook had already adopted the standard of visibility. Although it's not done yet – for obvious reasons – Facebook said it would alert Pages once the change has actually been implemented.

It may have surprised page owners to not have seen the 20% drop in organic reach that Facebook advised them to anticipate after implementing the fix. And again, at this point, any level of organic reach may surprise page owners, given Facebook's ongoing algorithm changes that make biological access more difficult to get on its platform.

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