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Family claims that his Echo sent a private conversation to random contact

A Portland family tells KIRO that his Echo recorded and then sent a private conversation to someone on his contact list without telling them. Amazon called it an "extremely rare event."

Portlander Danielle said that one day she received a call from one of her husband's employees telling her to "unplug Alexa devices at this time" and to suggest that she had been hacked. He said that he had received records from the couple talking about hardwood floors, which Danielle confirmed.

Amazon, when she eventually took ownership of the company, asked an engineer to check the logs, and he apparently discovered what they said was true. In a statement, Amazon said: "We have investigated what happened and determined that it was an extremely rare event.We are taking steps to prevent this from happening at any time. future. "

What could have happened? It seems likely that the voice recognition service of Echo misunderstood something, interpreting it as instructions for recording the conversation as a note or message. And then apparently also misunderstood them to send the recording to that particular person. And he did all this without saying anything.

The house would have had several Alexa devices, so it is possible that the system decided to ask for confirmation on the wrong device – saying "I agreed, I sent it to Steve" on the show Echo because voice users carried from the kitchen. Or something.

Naturally nobody expects their conversations to be sent to an acquaintance, but he must also admit that Echo is, basically, a device that listens to every conversation you have and constantly sends these data to places on the Internet. He also remembers more things now. If something is wrong, "sending your conversation somewhere is not supposed to go" seems a reasonable enough way for this to happen.

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I asked Amazon for more details about what happened, but since the family did not receive it, I do not expect much.