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US Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, has just announced the launch of a new website giving farmers access to more resources to ensure their long-term viability.

USDA's New Website for Farmers will bring together the resources of the Agricultural Services Agency, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Risk Management Agency in one place online. These are the three agencies that make up the USDA Farms production and conservation mission, which includes providing information on the latest technologies to farmers.

According to the USDA, 99% of US agriculture is made up of family farms, 90% of which are small farms. This group is facing considerable challenges, and the Advocacy and Outreach Office (OAO) created by the 2008 Farm Bill, has set up awareness programs across the USDA for small farmers and beginning breeders . Strengthening smallholder farmers is critical to ensuring the long-term success of the US agricultural economy, which is one of the reasons why was created.

With the new USDA website, farmers will be able to find news, information, regulations and the latest technology from the industry. The Lost Secretary said that his first nine months in the office have taught him the concerns of farmers regarding the use of technology in the delivery of USDA programs.

In a press release, Perdue said, "Many farmers are in their fields using equipment connected to satellite and GPS technology, but when they have to interact with the USDA, they have to stop, fill in a paper form, he added, "My goal is to make the USDA the most effective, efficient and customer-focused department of the entire federal government, and is a big step in this direction. "

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The Web Site

US farmers, ranchers and private foresters can now use the website to find the resources they need, including farm programs, information, tools and personal advice. The site was built with farmer suggestions, with tools such as the service center locator, customer and mobile-friendly digital forms, a calendar of local events, and deadlines and dates. program descriptions with an interactive tool.

The site is open to businesses, but other features will be added in the coming months, including the ability to make an appointment with the USDA offices, fill in forms and apply for for USDA programs.

Preserving American Farms

The Farm Production and Conservation Mission works with the USDA in providing financial and technical assistance as well as loan and disaster programs. This includes market-based risk management tools, federal crop insurance, and risk management education programs so farmers can compete and thrive in local, national, or international markets. long-term.

As Perdue said, "The only legacy I am looking for is the one that a grandparent or parent is looking for – to be good stewards, and to pass on our nation, our home, our fields, our forests, and our farms. to the next generation in better shape than we found it. "