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Few Known Facts About Sleep – and Why It Matters for Small Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

Thomas Edison opted for short, regular naps, thinking that sleeping was a waste of time.

Richard Branson admits to having no more than 6 hours of sleep per night. And President Donald Trump is lucky when he sleeps 5 hours a night.

The sleep habits of successful people are well documented, but how does the quality and quantity of your sleep affect your ability to run your business and work productively?

Mattress specialists have followed an interesting infographic entitled "The Evolution of Sleep – A Brief History," which shows how humans' sleep patterns have changed over time.

The Story of Sleep

At the beginning of human existence, when the daily life of humans was little more than struggling to find food to survive, man was sleeping in ground nests, snuggled in fetal positions.

As evolution progressed, humans' sleeping habits increased, and at the time of the industrial revolution and the proliferation of electric light sources, people in most classes slept in private rooms.

As more and more factories were built and businesses needed workers, it became more and more important to sleep a quality night.

The computer graphics highlight some interesting facts about how sleep serves biological functions. As we sleep, the brain consolidates and stores information and memories, imperative functions in the management of a business.

The computer graphics also shows that sleep nurtures creativity, allowing the brain to think harder, which means that business owners and teams are more prone to overflowing creative ideas and innovative.

Too little sleep can lead to chronic stress. Sleep acts as a powerful stress inhibitor and boosts the immune system, making people less vulnerable to infection. Thus, getting quality sleep can result in fewer sick days at the office and, as a result, greater productivity among teams.

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The computer graphics also shows the powers of nap performance improvement, with just a little nap that restores alertness, improves work performance and reduces accidents.

Take a look at the complete computer graphics on "The Evolution of Sleep – A Brief History" and how sleep has a direct impact on our workday below.

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