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Finance and home: Factors to Consider When Buying Roofing Materials for your Office

Every roofing material in the market could appear so attractive that you get confused about which one to use for your roof and the confusion in some situation might lead to a wrong decision. Read along, as I will be educating you on some important factors you need to consider before paying for that expensive shinning roofing material.


Due to the difference in geographical regions, different environments are subjected to different temperatures, which would have a significant effect on the type of roofing materials used for your house especially in the area of durability. Buying an Asphalt shingle when confused about the best roofing material for your environmental condition is a wise choice because asphalt shingles can work perfectly in any weather condition. However, it is not an option to choose solar tiles in an environment with low or freezing temperature because it works best for sunny climates.


Every roofing material has a different lifespan, regardless of how you maintain them, they would still last longer than each other. If you are looking towards having a roof that would last till you become a grandfather or grandmother, then you might want to weigh the lifespan of every available material before you drop those dollars in your wallet or do a cash transfer you might regret. Let’s look at some of this materials and their lifespan. Green roofs have an estimated lifespan of about 40 years. Slates are expected to last for about 100 years. Built-up roofing can last about 20-25 years depending on the level of maintenance. Metal roofing can last about 80 years while asphalt roofing can stay for about 25 years before there would be a need for any possible repair by a reputable roofing contractor. So, if you are conscious about durability, I would suggest you consider the lifespan of each of them carefully.

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Pros and Cons

For every attractive roofing material with awesome properties and advantages, there is also a disadvantage, which I would suggest you carefully consider before making a selection that won’t go well with you. Let us compare some of the popular roofing materials as an example.

Metals roofing are popular for their lifespan and because they can reflect solar radiant heat to make your home cooler when the temperature outside is frying. However, metal roofing also has the disadvantages of preventing easy breakage through the roof to save people from getting burnt in the case of fire incidents and the price of buying and getting a metal roof fixed is on the high side.

Roof tiles are a fantastic choice for roofing because of the ability to resist fire and insect, beautiful look and the fact that it can be recycled, but this same roofing material has the disadvantage of weight. The tiles are heavier than they appear and it could result in cracks on the walls of the house or possibly make the building collapse when the load is too much for it to carry. The cost of buying and fixing is much higher than that of other roofing materials including metals.