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Five Things to Consider When Developing a Mobile App for Your Business

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Did you know that adults in the United States spend more than three hours a day fiddling with their smartphones? The data is not surprising given the unprecedented growth in the use of smart devices in recent years. You can say that only a handful of applications among the many smart handheld devices do for most of those three hours.

However, this does not change the fact that users need to unlock, scroll and click on their devices for the apps they're looking for. In other words, some applications are open frequently, while others are not. Still, applications that continue to stay in the user's devices must have something good about them. Otherwise, it takes less than 10 seconds to uninstall an application and opt for a viable alternative.

It is not unknown that our minds tend to unconsciously save attractive texts, images or a well-designed application icon. This clearly indicates why some applications find a place in the smart devices of the user for a little longer than others.

The factors that determine the success of your mobile application development business are multiple, to be honest. But at the very beginning, a basic understanding of a few functions from the user's point of view, will help you get started on the right track. This blog highlights the key elements that need to be integrated to ensure that your application development business is a success.

1. A unique experience

While developing a mobile application, you inevitably want to offer an unparalleled experience. More often than not, companies tend to get dragged into the development of mobile apps just because everyone else does it. It is understandable to stay relevant and survive the competition. However, the need of each company is different from the other.

If you do not evaluate the reasons for your potential customers, you may duplicate a browsing experience. Users may refuse to download an application that occupies space on their device, but provides nothing other than what they already find online.

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Thus, one of the most important functions of mobile application development services is to provide value to users, which can simply be a solution to a problem, an entertainment value or simplify daily shopping with effective features. Whatever it is, it is the least that one can say, your application must have a value to add.

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2. Intuitive and Transparent Navigation

Here is a basic custom mobile application development board for you: less, that's more. Yes, you understand – the more simple it is, the better. Of course, can not ignore the intuitive element for which applications are intended.

There are many intelligent ways to improve the applicability of a product. You can play with the same according to the expectations of your users. Unless they match the goals and needs of users, they may be able to hurt rather than actually help. Hacking a mobile application with unwanted features will make the application clunky and complex. All you have to do is evaluate the goals of users and focus your attention on how to make their tasks as simple and flexible as possible.

We must not forget that today 's users are multitasking or distracted and prefer applications that require the least possible effort. Wondering how to do this? The actions must be instinctive thanks to the motor or visual memory, sweeping to the right, left, up or down on the "autopilot". Google Now and Tinder use card-based design to achieve simplicity.

Ideally, a mobile application development process should be optimized so that field entries and clicks are at a minimum absolute, without limiting functionality. Regarding transparent browsing, some video streaming applications are running. The reason being that users, like them, the customer is king! The applications are very intuitive, explaining what to click or where to click to make a selection.

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3. Custom user experience

Would you prefer an application like Spotify that creates a custom song list based on your moods, your interest centers and your genres or an application where you have to manually do yours? It is quite obvious that you would prefer the old one.

However, it is not limited to entertainment applications. Even retail applications and type can customize the content according to usage over a period of time. For example, a news application that you use may provide geographically relevant news by default. Users are more likely to connect to an app and therefore to a brand when they find it tailored to their individual preferences.

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4. Secure and transparent withdrawal process

Do you enjoy an arduous payment process when shopping online? Well, nobody does it. If you are working on an application that involves transactions, think of ways to minimize the number of fields because you can not eliminate everything completely. Just ask users to provide the information you absolutely need, as this will automatically limit the number of fields.

Ask yourself if you really need two fields from the name of a user. How about combining the first and last names in one field? Check whether you can automatically fill in user information, for example by filling out cities and reports based on postal codes. The addition of such subtle impacts certainly makes the process more feasible for users.

You can also try to optimize the buttons and fields so that they can be easily selected. By allowing users to register their delivery addresses and payment methods, you can turn the tedious process of verification into a simple selection of a pre-filled list.

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5. Less frequent updates

Do not you be a little disappointed every time you update your Instagram app and realize that there has not been any noticeable improvement? Releasing frequent updates of applications that do not lead to any significant change is a big no-no.

In short, for a company that wants to offer value through mobile application development services, you should keep the attributes mentioned above during the development process. Users continue to use a mobile application in the first place only when the experience is satisfactory.

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A simple design, intuitive navigation, as well as a transparent and secure payment process will allow your app to be the favorite. If you do not, your application will be uninstalled in no time. We must never forget that competition is growing with deep firmness. Finally, personalized user experiences will ensure that the mobile application experience is relevant and will greatly increase the chances of new users to download it.