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Fiverr presents business tools to track your projects and purchases

The global market for online tasks and services Fiverr has launched a new feature, Fiverr Business Tools. The Business Tools feature is designed to help small businesses and teams working on Fiverr manage their purchases and projects on the platform with greater transparency and efficiency.

A look at the business tools Fiverr

Fiverr Business Tools enables team members to benefit from more efficient project management, invoice updates, VIP customer support and shared payment options .

Tracking a team's activities, tracking billing issues, and maintaining customer support are all challenges that small businesses face when managing projects on platforms such as Fiverr .

Fiverr's business tools are designed to help small businesses and teams overcome such challenges when using Fiverr. Businesses should simply log in to their Fiverr account, access the Professional Tools feature, add team members, add a shared payment method, and start buying and collaborating with greater transparency and skill.

In a blog on the new Business Tools feature, the Fiverr team recognizes the central role that entrepreneurs and small businesses play on the platform and the way the company wants to provide a service to enhance the experience of these users.

"Entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of Fiverr.We are a platform designed to connect freelancers with serious buyers like you – and serious buyers need serious tools. let's introduce Fiverr Business Tools, a new and improved set of features for small and medium-sized businesses and their teams working on Fiverr, "writes the team.

When setting up Fiverr Business Tools, the platform asks users to enter information about their businesses and business goals.

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Advanced billing features allow teams to select their preferred payment method, set limits on monthly card usage, and update billing information.

With Business Tools, companies can track all orders from their team in a convenient place, to see who buys what.

Obviously, teams must be registered with Fiverr in order to take advantage of the new business tools.

Image: Fiverr