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For Google AdSense publishers facing recent ad serving issues, access to the robot can be a problem

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A small segment of Google AdSense publishers noticed changes in ad serving on their sites in the past month. Publishers say ads are not showing and ad slots on their pages appear as blanks, resulting in lower revenue.

It has been speculated on the AdSense forum that the problem could be caused by policy changes, or dynamic pages or URL settings, or when a new page has been created. not yet been crawled by the AdSense bot. It turns out that the last guess is the closest to being correct.

Google makes some changes to the Google Display Network purchase process. As a result, Google does not automatically monetize sites or pages that the AdSense robot can not explore, Vendredi Marketing has learned. AdSense crawlers categorize, classify and tag content for monetization .

Therefore, the problems faced by some publishers may result from incorrectly assigning access to the AdSense crawler to their sites. Google says that the problems are not widespread, but the changes – which are still in their infancy – affect some publishers more than others. (Empty ad slots may also appear if the ad impression is simply not satisfied.)

If you're having trouble viewing ads incorrectly and your AdSense account does not contain any notice of policy violation, check the "Robot Access Error" tab in "Status" in AdSense for to know the errors of implementation of the robot. It is possible that the crawler is stuck in the robots.txt file of the site (see details in this Help Center article) or that the content is served after login (see how to access pages protected by a connection).

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Google says it's working on identifying editors who are affected to help them solve problems and will issue other short-term advice. The team will evaluate the results of the first changes over the next few weeks.

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