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Forbes & # 039; The "Fintech 50 For 2018" List Includes 11 Blockchain & Crypto Companies

In the third edition of Forbes Fintech 50, a list of the 50 largest financial technology companies of 2018, published on 13, eleven listed companies use Blockchain technology or are connected to the cryptocurrency industry.

The founders of three companies, The Bitfury Group, Coinbase and Ripple, who manufactured the Fintech 50 The list of "the richest people in cryptocurrency" published last week

The site of Forbes contains a separate article describing the influence of the Blockchain and Crypto companies that made the Fintech 50 list.

Forbes writes that the Blockchain companies listed in the Fintech 50 are probably behind the uninterrupted coverage from the news of price volatility of crypto, " build infrastructure – to support cryptocurrency public markets and initiatives that could transform- How current financial transactions are executed and recorded . "

Of the nine companies that Forbes lists as" The future of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency ", five have made the Fintech 50 list for the first time this year.Each of the nine companies is presented with a small text on their activities, their co-founders, their financing, and to whom they constitute a "threat ."

For example, Blockchain is described as the most popular cryptocurrency wallet in the world "which poses a threat to Coinbase and Xapo, while Chain, which offers software Blockchain for Blockchain technology, is described as a threat to " Ineffective Legacy

Veem and Robinhood, which made the Fintech 50 list, but that Forbes does not mention in his blockchain block list and crypto, are also associated with the crypto world.

Veem is a sending and receiving payment system for companies that use Blockchain technology, and Robinhood is a stock trading app that recently announced the launch of Bitcoin's cryptographic trading and Ethereum (ETH).

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