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Forget the comments of the guests. This is why podcasting of guests is king.

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You've probably heard the benefits of posting guests so many times that you could dissuade them right now.

The guest display can bring you increased exposure.

It can help build backlinks.

You can gain new trust with your audience.

Your content will reach a new group of individuals.

The list goes on and on.

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But displaying a guest is not always the best way to expand his reach or improve his authority.

Although it is a powerful tool, it sometimes misses the mark.

If you already have a strong blog strategy, guest blogs will only diversify your audience.

You are creating new content, but it's still the same.

To really expand your audience, you need to use new forms of content, such as podcasting.

Appearing as a guest on another person's podcast can bring serious benefits to your marketing.

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Let's take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider incorporating guest podcasting into your content marketing mix.

1. You will reach an entirely new and engaged audience

One of the main reasons why marketers choose to create a guest blog strategy is to expand their audience and reach new potential customers.

You can get your name, your ideas and your information from a public loyal to the site on which you publish.

However, when you create guest blog posts, you only target a group of people – those who like blog posts .

Unfortunately, not everyone likes to read.

To reach them, you need to create new forms of content.

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As a guest on a podcast, not only are you putting yourself in front of a group of followers, but it also opens the door to a whole new set of people who prefer to listen to their content.

About 4 out of 10 Americans listen to podcasts.

This growing industry can occur for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, more and more users are turning to smart speakers for entertainment.

In fact, 30% of smart speaker owners said they use their speakerphone to replace the time with their TV.

This tells us that more and more people are giving audio content instead of the visual.

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Customers are also more likely to return to podcasts on their own.

In traditional blogs and web content, it is unlikely that a customer will come back to your site to check for new content without any invitation.

However, many podcast listeners are likely to tune in when they know that a new show is available.

Some podcasts have even developed a cult following.

Take a look at the My Favorite Murder podcast, for example.

Their Facebook page alone has earned nearly 200,000 mentions I love.

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<img src="" alt=" my favorite murder facebook page "class =" alignnone full-size wp-image-36864 "/>

On this page, listeners can discuss episodes, ideas and links for more information.

When you invite a podcast with this type of audience, the conversation does not end when the show is over.

The association of your name with a well-liked podcast within your community can also dramatically improve brand awareness and credibility.

The benefits are similar to those you receive as a guest.

First of all, your host will usually talk about your appearance on his social platforms.

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While doing marketing before the show, it can create some anticipation about who you are and what you will have to talk about.

Here is an example of Pod Save America.

<img src="" alt=" pod record the American guest "class =" full-size alignnone wp-image-36865 "/>

This update does a couple of things.

First, because it's a live recording of one of their podcasts, Pod Save America uses its guest as a marketing tool to sell more tickets.

However, warn fans who may not be in the Las Vegas area who is the guest of the show can excite people.

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Anyone interested in hearing what Jacky Rosen has to say can listen.

You might even be able to get your host to share some of your content to help his listeners better understand why they should connect.

Once the broadcast airs, your host can continue to promote the recording via his social media.

If they have a single account just for their podcast, it can increase your exposure.

Here is an example of the Live Over Exist podcast and its host Alisha Nicole.

<img src="" alt=" living on an existing podcast tweet "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-36866 "/>

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<img src="" alt=" alisha tweet podcast "class =" full-size alignnone wp-image-36867 "/>

The Live Over Exist account only has a few hundred subscribers, which means that only one post could be reached until now.

But Alisha's account has over 8,400 subscribers, which dramatically increases the number of individuals before which the content is placed.

Although the messages are exactly the same, they address two potentially different audiences.

This gives you even more exposure of the brand, helping to improve your consciousness.

While they continue to push back their audience, they will associate your name, content and brand to the show.

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Being featured on a podcast can also help increase your backlinks.

Podcasts are usually located in a number of places.

First, the host can have his own unique website for his podcast. This is a place where you can secure a backlink.

Learn how Think Creative Collective displays its guests at the "Strategy Hour" podcast.

<img src="" alt=" time strategy podcast guest "class =" full-size alignnone wp-image-36868 "/>

Katie not only receives a link to her website, but she also has an image, a biography and links to her social accounts.

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Secondly, your host can display his podcast on other broadcast sites, such as Spotify or Apple podcasts.

This may be able to secure you a backlink.

Giving a podcast at the right time can also help you sell books, promote a product or even talk about a podcast or a webinar of your own.

However, you should always discuss this with the host beforehand.

In most cases, they will want to help you.

But you do not want to go on their show and turn it into a sales pitch.

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Instead, you can find ways to work with your host to make sure your message is natural and timely – and that you have something to sell.

2. You can improve trust, credibility, and relationships

Getting a publishing slot for a guest is great – especially if it's on a busy website.

But the guest display is not very exciting for your audience.

Although you may be pleased to appear on a new website, your audience, business partners or competitors may not see this as a big problem.

Indeed, downloading a blog post to a website is a relatively low risk.

Website owners can download as many guest posts as they want.

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But when it comes to podcasting, there is a lot more competition to be presented.

Whether you were talking about your brand or providing expert opinion, there was something in you that made it so that the host would want to see you in his program.

This kind of reaffirmation can improve trust and credibility with your audience – and give you something to brag about on your website.

Becoming a guest on a podcast can also help you to become human.

If you are not used to appearing in videos or other forms of audio content, it can be difficult for your customers to give a name or a face to your business.

Here are some tips from Cracker Jack Marketing to keep in mind when you are trying to humanize your brand.

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<img src="" alt=" Ways to Humanize Your Brand "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-36869 "/>

Just talking about your brand – rather than talking about it – can help your audience become more familiar with who you are.

By getting to know your personality, they can build stronger bonds with you.

This can improve their relationship with your brand, potentially turning them into long-term customers.

Becoming a guest on a podcast can also create a stronger relationship with your host.

Unlike guest blogs, being a guest on a podcast requires you to have a real conversation with your host.

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Even if you exchange some emails with your publishing host, they do not really know you.

In contrast, guest podcasting encourages an in-depth dialogue that can last from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

In fact, the average length of a podcast is just over 40 minutes.

This may allow you to establish a business relationship with your host.

You can open new doors for future viewing or podcasting opportunities, or even collaborate on larger partnerships, such as a webinar or course.

3. You only need to make a minimal effort

When you're a guest on a podcast, all you have to do is introduce yourself.

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Of course, you will need to put some planning into what you are going to say or talk about, but you do not need to worry about marketing, promotion or auditors.

All this is left to the host.

To make things even easier, you and your host will probably discuss what you will cover during your show time.

Your host might even tell you his questions early or ask if you have any points to cover.

This allows you to come fully prepared, making your appearance a child's game.

When you are a podcast guest, you also do not need to worry about buying podcast equipment like microphones or editing software.

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You are also not responsible for accommodation or production costs, which can become very high.

This is how Jeff Large of Come Alive Creative breaks down podcast expenses:

  • $ 100 – $ 300 / hour for consultation and training
  • $ 10-50 / month for membership sites
  • $ 500 – $ 1000 / month for Weekly Episode Editing
  • $ 1 / minute for transcripts

This brings the total to between $ 1200 and $ 4000 by months just to launch your podcast.

And that is before any type of marketing!

Although there are many ways to create a podcast on a budget, reducing corners can end up hurting you in the end.

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But when you're a guest, you do not have to worry about those costs.

You just have to introduce yourself or call for your segment.

Compared to a blog post, podcasting is a great way to get your name when you do not have a lot of time to invest.

Writing blog posts or creating videos and computer graphics takes a lot of time, editing, design and research.

The commitment is even greater if you are not naturally quick to produce these items.

However, with a podcast, you're just there to talk.

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Even better, you are here to talk about things for which you are already an expert.

You do not need to worry about learning something new or teaching your audience how to do anything.

Instead, you are here to give your opinion and share your own thoughts.

Take this example from guest Nanine Nyman McCool who shares her experience on a podcast.

<img src="" alt=" pantsuit nation guest podcast facebook post "class =" alignnone full-size wp-image-36870 "/>

Nanine does not appear in the Pantsuit podcast to teach new things to listeners or to try to persuade listeners in one way or another.

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Instead, she was introduced as a guest to talk about a video and experience that she captured during an event.

This allows for minimal preparation before appearing.

You also share your time with the facilitator and his regular schedule.

Although it depends on the structure of the show you are playing on, you may only be on the air for a few minutes.

Still, you can get all the benefits of guest podcasting – from promotion to backlinks.

It will also be the work of the presenter to ensure that the show lives up to its listeners.

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You want to be a good guest and provide valuable information, but the host is not likely to cut your entire segment if he does not think it is useful.

Unfortunately, if you post a guest blog post that they do not like, they may shoot you.

Appearing as a guest on a podcast is great for the entrepreneur always looking to expand his reach or his audience.

4. You will have plenty of high quality content at the end of your show

The podcast itself is an excellent form of content.

But podcasts are still a growing industry.

In fact, only 9% of respondents said that they wanted to see more podcast content in the future.

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<img src="" alt=" What type of content do people want? "Class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-36871 "/>

But that does not mean that podcasting is a waste of time.

As we have already mentioned, more and more people are becoming familiar with podcasting.

In fact, this number is expected to continue to climb over the next few years, reaching 112 million by 2021.

<img src="" alt=" podcast audience growth and projections "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-36872 "/>

But a podcast can become much more than a podcast.

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You can also do a lot more of your appearance – even if you were only on the air for a few moments.

Once a show is over, your host will usually want to share the content with his audience.

This is most often done in the form of online podcast replays.

However, they can also share a video transcript for people who prefer to read or browse the content.

Here is an example of a complete podcast transcription of ProBlogger.

<img src="" alt=" podcast episode transcription problem "class =" full-size alignnone wp-image-36873 "/>

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Podcast listeners can follow or hover over to see if the information is relevant to them – similar to a blog post.

They may even choose to write a blog post related to the topics you mentioned.

Other people can share overall views of your conversation with timestamps.

Find out how Jason Calacanis, host of "This Week in Startups" does it on his personal blog.

<img src="" alt=" this week in the start-up timestamps "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-36874 "/>

Rather than giving all the content of a blog or a transcript, Jason highlights the key moments of the podcast that listeners can refer to.

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This brings back attention to the podcast while still attracting people who do not want to listen to the entire show.

It's also a great way to pull quotes that you can then share on the social or your website.

Some podcast hosts will even turn their podcast shows into YouTube videos, making it more accessible and easier to share online.

The Femtrepreneur Show takes live recordings of their podcasts to share as YouTube videos.

<img src="" alt=" femtrepreneur youtube string "class =" full-size alignnone wp-image-36875 "/>

Participants can then share this video directly on their social platforms, get more engagement and attract new audiences.

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Coming back to our chart of the most desired content in the future, the videos were number one.

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By transforming your podcast into video, you can delete two forms of content at one time.

Any type of content created by your host can provide you with excellent documents to share on your own website or social platform.

The addition of each of these pieces in your marketing mix can allow you to promote content without the need to create it yourself.

But you must not limit yourself to the content that they create.

If you find that your web host does not have any content opportunities, feel free to contact him to see if you can create something new.

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When creating your own content, think about how you could present the conversation you had.

This can be in the form of quotes on social media or a list of takeaways on your blog.

You can also dive a little further to create a video or computer graphics on the topics you have covered.

When you extract information directly from the podcast conversation, you can produce high quality, shareable content without having to do too much additional research.

You can also share your content with your host and its various social platforms. Once again, you broaden your audience and help you meet new members of the public.

5. Your listeners are more likely to stay engaged until the end

With blog posts, infographics or even videos, we often find that customers leave content before the end.

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They fly over – and they may miss important points when they do it.

Not only that, but it can hurt your chances of making a good first impression.

If a visitor only browses the headers of your blog post, he does not learn enough about you to stay engaged.

They'll forget about it as soon as they leave the page.

But when it comes to podcasts, it's not quite true.

In fact, 86% of podcast listeners go to the end or almost at the end of each podcast episode.

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<img src="" alt=" number of podcast episodes listened to "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-36876 "/>

Let's think about why podcast listeners are more likely to end a podcast than a traditional reader.

First, podcasters are typically multitasking.

From this same study, we find that podcast listeners mostly listen at home or in the car.

<img src="" alt=" Where are the people who listen to podcasts "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-36877 "/>

That they go to work or that they clean the house, this extra action means that they are engaged in something else while they listen.

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They are busy, so they do not have time to scroll.

This is not true when they are online.

If they browse the web, scroll through their social networks or check their inbox, there is always other content waiting for them.

This kind of anxiety could push them to the next thing.

The inability to skim can also keep them on the podcast all the time.

Podcasts are similar to a movie where blog posts are like a book.

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In a book, if you want to know what's going on, you can go back to the last page and see how it ends.

A movie, however, is much more complicated.

Movie watchers – and podcast listeners – need to stay put to see how things are going.

Of course, they can jump and fast forward here and there, but without any textual clue to where they are in the program, it's a lot more complicated.

When your audience is engaged for the duration of the program, you can deepen your ideas.

This can improve your authority and help you prove to listeners that you know what you are talking about.

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Of course, sending guests should always be an important part of your marketing strategy.

But if you focus only on how you can use blog posts to expand your audience, there are only a lot of new customers you can attract.

By expanding your reach into the world of podcasting, you can reach new people and immerse yourself in a new form of content.

Interviewing on another podcast is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to expand your audience and generate new leads.

So why do not you do it ?

How did podcasting help improve your marketing?

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About the author: Neil Patel is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital.