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Four Simple Ways to Share Your Comments and Help Shape Our Products

It is no secret that we are passionate about building products that users will love . So, you will probably not be surprised to learn that we are big fans of receiving feedback from our users. In this article we will describe four simple ways to share your comments and help shape our products.

User Interviews

Interviews with users are one of the most dynamic and insightful ways to share their comments. They usually last 30 to 60 minutes and can be held over the phone or in person. You will have the chance to interact with our product and share your first reactions directly with a member of our product team. We'll also ask you simple tracking questions to better understand how you use our product and how we can create your perfect user experience.

By participating in a user interview, you will have a direct impact on future versions of our products. Whether you have positive or negative comments, be honest. We are just as interested in the elements that frustrate you as those you love.

Intrigued by interviews with users? Tell us that you would like to be invited for one!


User comments are at their best during and immediately after you've used our wallet. Another great way to help us understand what you liked (and did not like) is our internal survey. You will be prompted to complete it when logging out. Once the survey is complete, your feedback is sent directly to our product team.

Comments and Features Requests

As new trends emerge in portfolios and some aspects of the digital space change, it is important that our portfolio adapts. Comments and feature requests let you share your feedback or tell us about the most interesting feature you would like to join soon.

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Do you have a feature you would like to see in the Blockchain portfolio? Let us know !

Community Radiation

Do not be afraid to say hello if we run into hackathons, digital currency gatherings, or if you participate in an event organized by Blockchain. Chances are we will have a survey that you can take on the site, or you can register with your email address and we will contact you!

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