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Four ways to stay productive when the AdWords interface changes

The new AdWords interface is creating quite a stir in the PPC industry because, if it's pretty, it disrupts the work of many CPP professionals. A Mona Elesseily says, "[T] her is a workaholic for many of us, not a platform for observation." Fortunately, advertisers who use third-party tools like Optmyzr have a chance to transition their workflows more progressively than those who rely entirely on the tools provided by Google.

At Optmyzr, we know that our PPC optimization software really has to do two things: save time and improve performance. Over the years, we have learned that achieving these goals requires different interfaces for different account managers. In other words, one solution does not suit everyone.

Because so many Optmyzr users are experts who make the PPC to live, the tools tend to have a lot of ways to change things according to individual strategies. But even users who take advantage of all the customizations sometimes just want a predefined solution that takes advantage of the wisdom of the entire industry. Time is often their most constrained resource, so the choice of the tool to use is to maximize time efficiency and performance gains.

Optmyzr recognizes that account managers have limited time and will make informed decisions about the best workflow for each scenario. Here are four ways Optmyzr gives more choice to account managers on how to optimize their time while driving improvements in PPC on AdWords and Bing Ads.

Go wide with quick earnings optimizations

As much as PPC professionals might want to spend a few hours to make a perfect account, the reality is that they are pulled in many directions, and it can be difficult to spend more than five minutes on an account at the same time. time. Fortunately, small improvements can still pay off if they are done frequently.

In AdWords, a quick win may be to attack one of the suggestions in the Recommendations section (called the Opportunities tab in the old interface).

There are several third-party tools that follow this fast-track Google strategy. At Optmyzr, we recently launched Optmyzr Express to allow advertisers to access faster payouts, and we added an easy-to-use inbox format.

This makes Optmyzr Express very fast, as our algorithms find new suggestions every day. When an account manager logs in, all the data is already cached and ready for immediate action.

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Optimizations are also very targeted. So, rather than going to the bottom and fixing everything, they prioritize the most important changes, which allows the user to very easily see everything that will change in the engine as soon as it 's ready. they click on it. "Approve" button.

Go deep with One-Click Optimizations ™

The second strategy is useful when a little more time can be spent on an optimization and that it is possible to go further and repair a larger part of one. account. While quick wins need to focus on the highest priority opportunities, a deep dive based on a statistical approach can set every opportunity, no matter how small. In AdWords, this can result in downloading multiple reports with all account data, combining them into Excel, and creating an AdWords Editor-compliant file with the necessary changes.

A tool like Optmyzr automates all these steps and can scan hundreds of thousands of search queries for an account and automate the creation of single-keyword ad groups (SKAGs) for the most promising terms .

This was the original Optmyzr workflow type, One-Click ™ optimization. We have learned that while an algorithm may point to the validity of a certain suggestion, there are some things that are easy to spot for humans with whom algorithms have difficulty finding.

For example, an advertiser can analyze a list of keyword suggestions and remember that he has already tried them in another account a long time ago, or that some keywords contain competitor names and that there has been a recent internal policy change these types of keywords.

Unfortunately, things that a human can detect very easily often depend heavily on the internal policy, or even the advertiser's internal policy. It is therefore difficult to automate it in software. So even if statistical optimizations are as quick to generate one or a thousand suggestions, the time for a human to look at changes changes linearly.

Rather than trying to build the perfect algorithm, which would be virtually impossible, we deploy optimizations that save time by doing all the reporting, doing all the analysis and analysis, and we leave the last step in the hands of the user.

Go deep and wide with optimization checklists

The two previous scenarios covered options designed for when time is severely limited. But what is the best workflow when this limitation is not there? Agencies sometimes have employees whose main job is to run optimization checklists, and they usually have more time than those who also need to schedule meetings with their customers. They can spend a ton of time in AdWords or do things faster with Optmyzr's One-Click ™ optimizations, but we find that this is often not conducive to reliable, high quality results.

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The reason is that account managers dedicated to optimization are often newer employees who do not necessarily have the same level of AdWords skills as their counterparts facing the customer. For them, it can be confusing to know what to deal with advanced interfaces like those of AdWords or Optmyzr. Knowing exactly where to click, which columns to activate, which date ranges to select, and how to combine multiple reports to perform a proper optimization is not a simple task, so this may not be done correctly and correctly.

That's why Optmyzr developed Account Workouts, a customizable PPC workflow.

With Workouts, advertisers can add in-depth optimizations to a to-do list. The advantage of using Optmyzr rather than a generic list of things to do is that it is deeply integrated with PPC engines. When the account manager goes through the tasks of a workout, the good optimizations are presented, in the right order, with the right settings for the policy set by the account's owners, and the right columns are posted to assist in the final decision on which suggestions to accept

Vacation with AdWords as an autopilot

Finally, what about the scenario where we literally have no time, perhaps because we are looking forward to taking this long-awaited vacation. This is where AdWords Scripts come in. We are big fans of PPC automation at Optmyzr, but, as we have already said, some automations are risky because it is difficult to build an algorithm that takes up all the nuances of a business. , like a human. easily. That said, there are a lot of PPC tasks that really do not need this final layer of human approval since the task is so clear.

Take budget management, for example. Business strategy can influence some complicated budget allocation decisions, but once the strategy is locked, the task of ensuring that budgets are spent properly is primarily to check spending regularly. account and rebalancing budgets as needed. It's fully automatable.

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For these types of tasks, AdWords scripts are ideal. They can check an account every hour and take the appropriate action, that it is to send an e-mail on a keyword with excessive expenses, to interrupt a campaign which has exhausted his monthly budget or generate a back office report on the performance of different types of correspondence

Optmyzr's co-founder, Fred Vallaeys, has written several free scripts that you can find on this site, and Optmyzr also maintains the blog Anyone looking for an even easier way to start using scripts can use improved scripts that do not require any programming knowledge.

CPP professionals need different ways to optimize accounts, depending on the amount of time they can devote to the task at hand. That's why Optmyzr has created a variety of workflows to help account managers be more efficient in their work. During this transition period, where workflows inherited from the old AdWords interface will need to be updated, we hope to give advertisers another option to stay productive.

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