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French peer-to-peer payment app Lydia adds Apple Pay support

A peer-to-peer payment application similar to Venmo from the Lydia startup in France now works with Apple Pay (feature originally announced in July), allowing you to spend your balance from the application anywhere MasterCard and Apple Pay are accepted.

Apple Pay uses mobile payments without users needing a credit card, and this can work for users with an existing physical Lydia card, which the startup has launched. last year it is possible for users to pay quickly with their balance without having to wait for incoming funds to pass the SEPA transfer process.

Application users can either add their physical Lydia MasterCard as you would any other credit card in the Apple Pay settings, but if you do not have a card, you can also generate a virtual via the application Lydia herself. provide you with a card number to use when checking.

Apple has also released its Apple Pay Cash feature for users in the United States, which allows users to transfer payments between them instead of just dealing with businesses and merchants. It's not yet available in other countries, but Apple's implementation of Apple Pay is an interesting alternative that supports peer-to-peer payments and makes them much more flexible in terms use of mobile commerce.