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Gawooni Presents The Future Of Gaming With Its Decentralized Gaming Platform

GAWOONI is an up-and-comer international game developer and publisher that primarily focuses on expanding the emerging markets like that of South East Asia, South America and India. It strives to compete with the international gaming trends, thereby developing mobiles and online games.

 Since its inception in 2014, the company has already developed 6 games, the first one named “Tuk Tuk Rush”. This game portrays the life and culture of Thailand in an interactive manner.  The platform has received a lot of media attention and already has 70,000 followers on its social media page. The second game which the company developed was “Jungle Rush”. This game was developed with an aim to shed light on the endangered species and promotion of wildlife.

The company has also created games like Casino Rush, that features machine gaming. The plus point in this game is that the coins that you win can be used in the other games present in the GAWOONI portal. Other notable games which the company created were Naval Rush, a tactical game, Crossy Rush and World Street Domination.

How Is Gawooni Changing The Future Of Gaming With Its Decentralized Gaming Platform?

GAWOONI has bought a conspicuous transformation in the gaming industry with the introduction of a decentralized gaming ecosphere where GAWOONI’s own games, as well as well 3rd party games, can be published. The gamers can win GAWOONI utility token which can be converted to GAWOONI Coin. With these coins, the gamers can use it for other games available on the platform in order to unlock additional features. Moreover, advertisers and marketers can also use it as a platform to market their products and services. Overall, the ecosphere has become a paradise for not just the gamers but for corporates as well.

As already discussed before, GAWOONI is an international game developer, which with the help of modern technology is also an online decentralized gaming platform. GAWOONI is a leader in the gaming industry as it is the first of its kind to establish and create an all-new gaming ecosystem for its audience.

The Gawooni Token – Crypto In-game Currency

With the incorporation of the crypto in-game currency, gaming enthusiasts can now get access to all the games that are present on the GAWOONI platform. Its operation is also quite simple and hassle-free. The people concerned can purchase and use this online game currency which is the GAWOONI coin for multiple purposes. These coins earned by the gamers can be used in any other game present in the GAWOONI ecosystem. The ecosphere comprises of online games, gamers, gaming partners, advertising agencies as well as well-known brands that are looking to make a mark in the gaming industry. Due to the presence of these unique features, GAWOONI is considered to be the next big thing in the international entertainment sector.

A Revolution to Gaming

The people behind GAWOONI are experienced individuals who have been working in the entertainment industry for several years and thus understand what the gaming enthusiasts from around the world are expecting. The platform also provides various advantages where discounts and bonuses are provided to its users, unlike no other platform. GAWOONI is not only catering to individual gamers and gaming companies but rather is looking to form a community where gaming enthusiasts can frequently communicate and share their thoughts and opinions freely. The GAWOONI ecosphere offers a plethora of  opportunities for B2B as well as B2C transactions and interactions to take place. Therefore, if you are interested in gaming and would like to gain more knowledge about this sector, then GAWOONI is the platform where you should be.


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