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Genalyte hires Facebook and Google exec Kevin Lo as president of the company

A blood test start-up supported by Khosla, Genalyte, hired former Facebook CEO Kevin Lo as president of the company.

Lo comes to Genalyte after conducting "connectivity efforts" on Facebook "for the four billion unconnected people, and the underserved 1.5B who use the Internet at" 2G "speeds, according to his LinkedIn profile. that, Lo was working for Google where he ran Google Fiber.

So, why resort to medicine after working to connect the world? "We are at a critical time when technology and innovation are the drivers of fundamental change in our health industry," Lo said. " Genalyte is on the verge of leading a revolution in real-time diagnostics – a process that creates better treatments and better outcomes for patients."

Genalyte operates a lab-on-chip technology that, according to her, can perform up to 128 different tests on a single blood sting in less than 15 minutes using what she calls her platform. Maverick detection.

The San Diego startup's exclusive silicon chip contains light microscopy sensor arrays to detect diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and has so far garnered nearly $ 92 million in risk financing.

The startup hopes to use this technology in ambulatory, pending the approval of the FDA.

"We are delighted to welcome Kevin to our management team at a time of incredible momentum for the company," said Genalyte CEO Cary Gunn, in a communicated. "Kevin's unique expertise and experience in working with some of the world's most innovative companies will help Genalyte to begin this next important chapter in diagnostic innovation."

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