Germany facing mass breakdowns because the wind and the sun do not cooperate

The German energy network was almost collapsed in January due to poor performance of wind turbines and solar panels, as indicated by the information of a union. Exchange worthy of mention.

Wind-based and sunlight-based power plants did not meet expectations in January 2017, as a result of a shady and almost windless climate, which triggered power outages. Monstrous electricity.

A notable power outage occurred on January 24th and was avoided when German vitality suppliers also took over the last reserve power plant, said Michael Vassiliadis, head of the union who speaks to IG Bergbauchemie power plants. Energy. The nation's energy matrix was tense as much as possible and could be completely disconnected, triggering a national power outage, if a single power plant was disconnected, according to Vassiliadis.

"Renewable energies could not even offer five percent [of total power demand.] Coal, gas, and nuclear energy kept the country almost in the forefront under the electrical current," Vassiliadis said.