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Gfycat begins broadcasting 360 degrees GIF content

GIFs offer a way to compress a ton of information in a small amount of space, and although Gfycat has positioned itself as a centered video platform, it's going to take a step more to see what a step beyond a standard GIF looks like.

The company announced today that it would implement short 360-degree videos resembling a GIF, which will allow users to crash in the middle of a loop video like a GIF. Richard Rabbat said that the proliferation of tools such as 3D cameras and content from current producers, such as video studios, would make it an increasingly popular way of interacting with short content in a compact form factor.

"We have always thought that GIFs are incredible in many ways," said Rabbat. "This goes beyond the fact that you are viewing the content for use in messaging, or that you are consuming it for entertainment value, or that you are using it for decoration in the case of entertainment. Augmented Reality effort we are working on We want people to be really excited about how they consume content to the point where they can see the topics of the content in a much more realistic way, and really excited about it. "

360-degree videos that you might find on Facebook or other platforms will not be familiar to you. Users on the desktop can use their mouse to move a GIF file, while on mobile devices, users can rotate their phone to see different parts of the GIF file. The idea is to give users a way to have a more robust interaction with content like a GIF in a compact experience without having to attach a VR headset or anything in that sense.

The company begins by deploying 360-degree content from Paramount, which produces 360-degree content around its Mission Impossible films. And while a lot of content on Gfycat – or on other platforms – comes from series, movies or games, it makes more sense that these studios use this kind of tools to increase the awareness of their shows or their movies.

via Gfycat

There are many companies looking to find the best messaging experiences around GIFs. But Google acquiring Tenor, a GIF search tool that runs on multiple platforms, may have set a strict minimum bar for the value of companies looking to help users share GIFs with their friends. Gfycat is positioning itself as something that is geared towards more creative tools, and recently stated that it has reached 180 million active users per month.

"We create experiences that we believe will empower others and inspire others to create that same type of content," Rabbat said. "We hope it will be a subset of what people do with 2D, but a much more immersive experience where people will spend more time looking at the content. not demanding that people wear virtual reality headsets, we are improving the usability of consumers. "