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Google Announces AMP for Email – Delivering Accelerated Mobile Pages Experiments to Your Inbox

Parallel to the new AMP Story format, Google announced today, at its Amsterdam conference, a new way for developers to take advantage of the fast charging AMP framework. and adapted to mobiles.

Starting today, developers can subscribe to an overview of the AMP for Email spec and start developing rich, interactive and engaging e-mail experiences in Gmail.

Google notes the following benefits for the integration of AMP experiments in Gmail:

  • Content kept up to date in real time
  • Ability for Recipients to Navigate and Interact with Content
  • Users do more in less time without having to leave an email

"With AMP for Email, the information in emails is easy to update, dynamic and actionable."

Email continues to be a key channel for generating a positive return on investment in digital marketing. Providing fast and attractive content in the inbox of a contact is a no-brainer.

From the announcement:

For example, say that an outside contractor wants to schedule a meeting with you but can not see your schedule. It sends an e-mail for information about the dates and times when you are available. In the email is a form to coordinate the details. Thanks to AMP for Email, you can respond interactively through the form without having to click on a link and redirect to another web page. AMP for Email can also help you do more in less time by allowing you to respond quickly to events, browse and interact with lists and campaigns, or fill in a questionnaire without ever leaving email .

Examples of AMP for Email in Action:

Amplifier for E-mail – Doodle

Amp for E-mail – Pinterest

AMP for Email is an open source specification, and Google encourages developers to leverage its capabilities, as have companies such as Pinterest, Booking.com and Doodle. Full support in Gmail is expected later this year. Other e-mail clients can also adopt AMP for e-mail.

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