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Google betting his assistant can fill the gap of clothing with Apple

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Right now, Apple wins the battle of the smartwatch against Google. Google is betting that the assistant can fill the gap.

Android-based smartwatches have historically offered a lower user experience than Apple Watch, although their third-party ecosystem of designs offers a greater variety of styles and prices. In 2015, Google then made Android Wear, now Wear OS, (mainly) compatible with iPhones.

Last year, the Google Assistant came on Android smartwatches, which gives them a chance to fight against the Apple Watch. Now, ahead of Google I / O next week, the company has announced that it adds new features to the Wizard for Wear OS:

  • Smart suggestions for contextual expansion of queries. The example provided by Google is: Learn about the weather and get a suggestion on the extended forecast.
  • Listen to the responses played back through the watch's speaker or a Bluetooth headset.
  • Availability of actions on all Wear OS watches. This corresponds to the increasingly transactional goal of the Google Assistant.

These abilities will become available "over the next few days". However, I am sure we will hear more ads from Wear OS next week.

On his earnings call earlier this week, Apple said its wearables business (Apple Watch, Beats and AirPods) saw combined revenue growth of 50 percent from a year ago. other. Specifically, the company said that Apple Watch has experienced "strong double-digit growth from one year on the other to a new March record."

Apple Watch lives in the "other products" category, which recorded quarterly revenues of nearly $ 4 billion.

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