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Google could bring Nest back to its own hardware business

Google could replicate Nest in the Google, well, fold. The company plans to incorporate Nest, which is a separate company under the parent company of Alphabet, for the time being, in the hardware sector of Google.

The re-integration, first reported by Wall Street Journal, is a move that Google sees as a way to help it grow its smart home capabilities compared to Amazon, which is expanding its offerings material in this respect. Nest's lineup works with Google Assistant, but also with Alexa from Amazon; The return to Google's core hardware team could help develop better integration with Assistant and other mobile devices and the company's network, by building more extensive competitive coverage.

Now that Google is seriously developing its Google hardware business, it is just as logical to bring the brands together and to ensure that consumers clearly understand the relationships and benefits inherent in the ecosystem. Google's growing devices.

This report is not yet definitive, not definitive, but it is difficult to see what are the big benefits at this point in terms of distinguishing between Google and Nest, especially with the emphasis placed by Google on Pixel. , his Wi-Fi products and Google Home with his assistant companion.