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Google's Android development studio receives a new update with the Visual Navigation Edition

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The Android Development Studio receives a new update while Google deploys Android 3.2 Canary Studio, adding new tools for visual navigation and jetpack editing.

The new release includes construction tools for the new Android App Bundle format, snapshots, a new optimizer for a smaller application code and a new way to measure the impact of the game. an application on the battery life. The Snapshot tool is built into the Android emulator and is designed so that the emulator is up and running in two seconds. All this is to facilitate the development of Android applications because the company is looking to attract developers – especially those who are potentially early – in an environment designed around the creation of Android applications.

The editing of visual navigation looks a bit like a flowchart, where users can move screens and connect them. You can add new screens, position them in your feed, and under the covers will help you manage the entire stack in the background. Google has increasingly worked on the abstraction of many complex building application elements, making its machine learning framework more attractive by allowing developers to create tools using their favorite languages. or by facilitating the quick creation of an application. . Visual navigation is a way to abstract the complex programming process in different activities within an application.

Competition between Apple and Google is persistent, it is important that Google ensures that applications are launched on Google Play to continue to promote the adoption of Android devices. The accelerated emulator, in particular, can solve a sore point for developers who want to quickly test parts of their applications and see how they can work in nature without having to wait for the application to be loaded into a emulator or on a peripheral test.

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