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GoPro Launches Trade-Up Program to Trade Old Cameras for Discounts

GoPro is ready to take this old digital camera stuffed into your garbage drawer, even if it's a GoPro. Through a program called Trade-Up, the camera company will save the GoPro H6 Black $ 50 and Fusion $ 100 when commercial buyers in any digital camera. The company has tried it last year for 60 days, but for now, GoPro says that this offer does not expire.

This offer works with any digital camera, including older GoPros. It clearly addresses something we noticed years ago – there is often little reason to buy a new GoPro because their past products were so good.

GoPro tried this in 2017 for 60 days and said that 12,000 customers took advantage of the program.

The service is reminiscent of what wireless is doing to encourage smartphone owners to buy new phones. This is a smart solution, although other options could generate more money. Users can sell their camera on ebay or use other recovery programs. Best Buy allows buyers to exchange old cameras, and currently gives $ 60 for a GoPro Hero3 + Black and $ 55 for an HD Hero 960.

GoPro is in a difficult position and it's clearly a plan to boost sales. The company's stock is trading around a historic lows after a brief comeback following a report that Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi was planning to buy. The company recently began licensing its camera technology and reducing its product line while introducing a new $ 200 camera.