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Government Regulators Issue Strong Warnings on BTC Futures

Bitcoin futures come from a number of arenas, with recent Chicago Board Exchange (CBOE) and Tokyo Merchantile Exchange announcements. Financial exchange. However, despite the massive advance on Bitcoin in the anticipation, US regulators are clear that they will keep a tight grip on the market.

According to statements by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), regulators pay close attention to Bitcoin futures markets in order to ensure that they are not manipulated. According to Andrew Busch, the chief commercial information officer of the CFTC:

"The stock exchanges examine the underlying contract to make sure it's not manipulated Our role as a regulator of derivatives is to make sure that we will not handle it, we will do it for sure: it's a unique animal, unlike anything we have seen before. "

Complaints already?

According to reports, the Futures Industry Association has indicated that the potential risk of Bitcoin futures is substantial, but the CFTC has nevertheless approved the futures markets of CBOE and CME, and the Nasdaq The Bitcoin price has exploded in recent days and remains highly volatile before the widespread widespread adoption that futures contracts represent. .