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Green Mining Company to reduce the cost of producing energy by parts by exploiting renewable energy

Mining equipment is available for purchase of the consumer at the professional level, and each of these technologies brings a significant energy cost. In Iceland, the volume of energy used for the extraction of Bitcoin will soon exceed the volume used to power its homes, Cointelegraph recently reported. Cointed, the world's largest supplier of Bitcoin cash dispensers, aims to pave the way for more sustainable coin production methods

Bridging the gap between crypto and the real world

Cointed was the pioneer of green mines with their machines in Austria and Sweden. These mining machines are made to measure and specially designed for optimal cooling, to minimize maintenance (the fans generally present in the GPU have been replaced by heat sinks). The customer then has the entire material. According to the company, by proving that it is possible to run these machines solely on renewable energy without losing performance, Cointed has set a precedent for the rest of the crypto world which, hopefully, will see Others follow suit

not only provides ATMs (70 machines in four European countries) and mining equipment. The claim of being " bridges the gap between crypto and the real world ", making it much easier for traders to exchange their crypto for cash . Users can use the Cointed site to purchase and redeem multiple crypto, at significantly lower prices and with significantly higher security levels than other providers. The Cointed White Paper also states that they provide payment solutions that can be integrated into online shops thus creating specialized crypto bank cards that will soon be accepted as easily as conventional Visa debit cards, and that Cointed is in the final stages of the acquisition of a banking license .

Openness and Transparency

Detailed information on the operation of Cointed and their roadmap is available in their transparency report. Customers can find everything they need to know about Cointed's business model and team, and how operations are spread across multiple countries (Hong Kong, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey , Sweden, etc.) all play a role. The above report is personally presented by the main team behind Cointed: Wolfgang Thaler, Christopher Rieder, Charlie Aho and Daniil Orlov. Between them, they have decades of computer and cryptographic expertise, which should ensure a smooth and exciting developments for Cointed.

The OIC Cointed (CTD) runs two more weeks (late February). 2017). Aches Wong and Jerry Ng Chien head CTD; another team with extensive experience and knowledge of crypto, which can help steer the value of these chips in the right direction.

Following the ICO, with the installation of several other ATMs, Cointed plans to become part of the Mastercard and Visa members.

Cointed already has 15,000 active users of its foreign exchange system. It is specifically designed to be user-friendly even for the most inexperienced traders, allowing a customizable interface based on customer preferences.

Another interesting feature of Cointed is the ability granted to its users to vote on their business. the decisions. All CTD token holders (regardless of the value of their bet) with a verified account will be eligible to vote (on issues such as cryptocurrency we will post on the platform), thus enhancing the democracy and transparency of the game. 39; organization. .

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