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Green Power Exchange allows peer-to-peer energy sharing

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True friends share everything from purses to lawnmowers energy that they draw from the sun, wind and depth. Green Power Exchange aims to simplify one of these sharing scenarios.

Green Power Exchange or GPX launches an ICO to create a room that allows you to exchange energy. While there are a number of efforts on this front, GPX is far enough away and already has 62 registered solar sites to try the technology when it launches. Founder Christian Wentzel sees the project as a solution to energy monopolies.

"The electricity and electricity company is either a near-monopoly, leaving no choice to the customer," he said. "We want to change that and save consumers a lot of money while improving the environment."

"Solar and wind energy is cheap, so we want people to use more."

The fat system basically wheels the trade of energy. Current solutions require complex transactions and contracts, this solution allows energy producers to sell their surplus energy to other people with minimal fuss. The team plans to launch in 2019. The have created two coins, the GPX and the GET. The GPX is a liquid part that can be used to buy and sell energy while the EEG is related to the production of energy. You buy and sell GPX, for example, and manage your energy purchases with the help of the GET token.

The objectives of GPX are noble and these types of markets are firmly oriented towards the blockchain. "One of the biggest obstacles to developing renewable energy in these markets is the complexity of APP negotiations and the rigidity of the agreements," said Wentzel. It is at least clear that something like GPX could help.

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