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Greg Maxwell resigns from Blockstream to focus on the "Deep Protocol Work".

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Bitcoin Core developer Greg Maxwell resigned from blockchain startup Blockstream to focus on development open-source protocols.

Maxwell made this announcement in an email distributed to the bitcoin-dev mailing list, adding that he had submitted his resignation in November but that he had just put an end to his participation in the society.

"In order to spend more time working independently on the deep protocol, especially the new security and cryptographic privacy technology for Bitcoin, I resigned from Blockstream last November," writes Maxwell

Maxwell, who co-founded Blockstream, stated that his goal in starting the company – which provides blockchain solutions for companies but strongly contributes to open-source development – was to provide Bitcoin development with the level of support Financial backed that Linux and other open-source projects have.

"We hoped that Blockstream could help serve as a point of support for the development of technology and, in so doing, contribute to the growth of the community, I think it was a great success" , did he declare. "The Bitcoin industry has evolved a lot and today Bitcoin Core receives significant regular contributions from many organizations … and from a much larger and more active volunteer community than ever before." It has never been before. "

He said that far from withdrawing from Bitcoin, his resignation would allow him to devote more time to developing himself and less to manage the day-to-day operations of a company.

"So, for me, that means I can work on the things that I find most exciting … without having to manage the staff or manage the many non-Bitcoin Blockchain applications that are important to them. Blockstream's activities. "He said, adding that he would focus on innovative technologies such as Bulletproofs, Confidential Transactions, and Signature Aggregation – technologies that could increase bitcoin privacy. a more evolutionary way.

Maxwell and Blockstream have both become lightning rods in the cryptocurrency community, so it's no surprise that his resignation has resulted in very different responses across different parts of the ecosystem.

The posts on the Bitcoin subprogram were extremely positive, with former colleagues praising his leadership and community members thanking him for his continued contributions to the development of Bitcoin.

The subprogram / r / BTC subreddit – the de facto subreddit for cash bitcoin – has meanwhile attracted some humorous conspiracy theories. One post, which had 669 upvotes at the time of writing, felt that "Blockstream is shattering." Others have suggested that he had been chased by Blockstream investors.

Perhaps the most unique theory came from a Twitter user, however, who said that she "would not be surprised" if she learned that Maxwell had left Blockstream to start working on Bitcoin Cash.

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