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Gust launches an investment return engine to inform start-ups of their funding potential

A new Gust assessment engine analyzes key startup parameters so that entrepreneurs can get information on potential investments and tools to enhance business to appeal to investors.

Gust Start Funding Assessment Engine

In providing this new feature, Gust says that the founders will have the tools to improve their pitching ability while setting realistic expectations for their start. The goal is to better inform entrepreneurs and attract the attention of investors.

For many entrepreneurs with a start-up business, the focus is mostly on the product or service that they create. This leaves an essential component of the process, funding and pitching, without the necessary attention that it deserves much later. With 90% of all startups doomed to fail, it is essential to do everything right.

Gust's CEO, David S. Ross, explained in the press release (communicated by email) that his company provides early startups with "… Context, expertise and tools to grow and looking for investments He said, with the new feedback and evaluation tool: "We can now help the founders to better prepare for investment conversations by providing the necessary feedback to give the best possible results. Themselves when it counts. "

How does it work?

The Gust Engine analyzes self-reported information about a startup, including its business model, fundraising history, team makeup, revenue, personal investment, traction and other data at the start. 39; help with a unique algorithm. He then gives start-up founders detailed information using historical measurements collected from past investments, 409a valuations, and accelerator acceptance rates.

It also analyzes the strength of the team and their achievement to produce a band of confidence for the likelihood of different levels of investors who might be interested, as well as how much they can expect to increase.

The feedback it provides is company-specific, which includes how founding teams can improve the likelihood of obtaining more capital through the assessment of forces and capabilities. weaknesses of the company.

When the analysis is complete, it will give you information on the strengths and weaknesses of your team. fundraising benchmarks for your startup; ideas on how investors will view your business model and your progress to date; and a fundraising estimate and suggestions on where to look for capital.

Gust points out the start-up assessment and the feedback engine is a teaching tool. It is based on the company's vast experience, which includes more than 500,000 startups and more than 70,000 investment professionals. Historical data from these companies and best practices are used to make the most informed suggestions.

If you want to evaluate your business with Gust's startup engine and evaluation, you can go here.

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