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Hard Fork, Take Two: SegWit2x will return on December 28, says the founder

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The controversial SegWit2x Bitcoin fork (BTC) will go from before December 28, according to the official website of the project.

The SegWit2x project, which provoked months of debate and infighting within the Bitcoin community before its last-minute cancellation in November, now announces that it will begin at block 501451, whose delivery is scheduled in two days.

The founder and lead developer of the project, Jaap Terlouw, stated on his website that the fork aims to solve the problems of " commission and transaction speed in the Bitcoin network ", adding that Bitcoin is currently almost impossible to use as a means of payment . "

Confirmation that the hard fork will, in fact, take place is indicated both in the road map on the project site, as well as in a direct quote from Terlouw:

"Our team will realize the Bitcoin fork, which was scheduled for mid-November. "

The founder also promised that, in addition to the current practice of crediting holders of BTCs with equivalent balances of the new currency (B2X), they would also receive" a proportionate number of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoins Rewarding Their Commitment to Progress . "

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In total, eight exchanges are listed as official proponents of the band.The project roadmap includes features such as Lightning Network support. , intelligent contracts and, finally, anonymous transactions.

Forking season

Over the past six weeks, Bitcoin Cash, another Bitcoin fork, has become the central talking point of the Industry, as it sees remarkable growth and triggers changes in mining and investment behavior, affecting the price of Bitcoin.

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The Last re incarnation SegWit2x has until & # 39; here received relatively little publicity. However, the website copy obviously dropped a particular exchange, HitBTC. Speaking of the existing SegWit2x futures, Terlouw is quoted on the site as saying:

"At the same time, the trading of its futures [SegWit2x] was carried out on some exchanges for a long time HitBTC is among them. "

When the project saw signs of a return on December 19, B2X coin futures prices rose by $ 200 to nearly $ 600. before the launch.

Meanwhile, on Christmas Day, an Angel Investor Blockchain has launched its own & # 39; version & # 39; of Bitcoin, Bitcoin God (GOD), while several others are expected to join the ecosystem in the coming weeks

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For BTC investors, a major attraction of new versions Bitcoin or Forks is the duplication of their BTC holdings in the new coin at the moment of each snapshot, which essentially provides them with a reserve of "free money."