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Here are several Facebook ads for your business

A question we are often asked is: "Do I have to have more than one advertisement on Facebook?" Or "Do I have multiple ads that work?"

The short answer is, yes! Absolutely. We have nothing against the running of several ads running, and in most cases we recommend it. Here's why.

Before we are ahead of ourselves, let me tell you a bit more, because just saying yes is a little ambiguous. The addition of an additional campaign will generate more leads and will be very good for your entire business.

Exposure equates to traction

The multiplication of ads increases the exposure of your business page and your brand, because more and more people have the opportunity to click on it and see who you are. That's what we want, is not it? Imagine that you can have ads in each of the communities where you specialize. What kind of traction do you think you could get if it were possible?

Specialization of equal traction

Now that you have imagined it, imagine being able to target the people who are moving to your specialized areas. I currently live in Kelowna, British Columbia, which is a pretty big summer and winter city. I know a lot of people in the Vancouver area and in Alberta spend time here with their families. If I were a real estate agent, I would target the areas I know where people flock to win buyers out of the city.

Having multiple ads means not only that you will be making impressions in several areas, but also that you will get customers from all over, including in the areas in which you specialize.

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Advantages of A / B Tests

Several ads also allow you to test different markets and see where you should focus. When you show two or more ads, you can compare the top performers, indicating where you should spend your advertising budget. This is an important task when you are looking for prospects, build a customer base and develop your business.

Everything is fine and dandy, but there are some things to keep in mind when making the decision to run multiple commercials. Let's describe this in our systems first.

Pay attention to the budget

Included in the StreetText subscription is the ability to run two campaigns at once, without paying extra to StreetText. However, creating a second campaign means that you will have an extra Facebook advertising budget.

To be sure to make as many contact points as possible, these budgets should be of a good size. The minimum Facebook will allow per ad is $ 5 a day, however, our lead generation specialists recommend not going below $ 7 a day, as any drop will have a huge impact on your lead flow. Your lead flow basically means the number of leads that arrive each day on your Facebook ad and provides you with information.

With this in mind, you can also increase your daily ad spend based on your personal budget. However, we always suggest that the budget you choose matches your marketing spend so you can be realistic in the long run. There are people who do not allocate a marketing budget or who do not pay enough attention to their marketing budget. Before embarking on ad-related activities, you need to know your marketing budget simply and easily.

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If you have it in your marketing budget to make improvements or changes from time to time, we recommend you set up an additional campaign to further develop your main database.

Save money by adding postcodes

If you do not want to add an additional campaign, you can add additional postcodes to your current area to extend your reach. Just make sure the zip codes you want to add are still part of your current zone. We recommend having only three postal codes / zip codes added to an area, as more can be more imprecise in terms of results.

Overall, having several ads can only be helpful if you have the budget to allocate for it. You will get more leads, more often, which is never a bad thing for your business. Facebook can be a long and confusing road, which is why we are here to guide you on your journey.