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Here are some examples of the 22nd Demo Day of 500 Startups

500 Startups is sort of a strange place, since Dave McClure resigned from 500 Startups as a GP in July of this year after admitting "multiple" advances to women and being a "creep". Since then, there has been spectrum on the company program, especially since it begins its day of demonstration and begins to roll into the next class.

This seemed more true today at the 22nd day of the company 's demo, with CEO Christine Tsai on stage to make some remarks on some of the changes that the company has begun to to follow what has happened since.

"Last August, I mentioned 500 that were intended to be part of the solution for inclusion, diversity and anti-harassment," said Mr. Tsai. "We really can not be addressed without the other.From the outset, we held many honest and frank discussions within the team as well as launched polls to reach a common understanding … and [to figure out] where the 500 culture is doing well and where we fall short, we have left with a lot of good learning, and we will continue to monitor it regularly. "

So, arriving at the demo day: We have already noted that the demo days can be very hectic, and it can be hard to get a good idea of ​​which companies are really the best with just a few minutes of information of a presentation. However, some of them deserve to be underlined on the basis of a number of factors such as the idea behind the business, the problem that they solve. or the founding team.

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That was true, again, during the 22nd Demo Day of Startups today – so, here are some that appeared to us throughout the marathon of several hours: