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Here's how famous Instagram # Pride2017

If you've ever wanted to add color to your Instagram stories, the company has some good news: sharing The platform will offer six pride stickers and a new rainbow brush in honor of the Month of Pride.

In June, Instagram will feature six pride stickers created by LGBT artists that will allow users to "turn a photo or video into a visual celebration and solidarity event," according to a blog post published on Wednesday.

The stickers go beyond the standard rainbow flags, representing a man in the midst of vogue, a form of dance that has roots in Latin American and LGBT communities.

Other stickers include a rainbow megaphone, an artistic representation of the word "queer", rainbow-colored sunglasses, a cartoon with a heart on the chest and an eye with the trans flag as iris. .

Stickers are also connected to Instagram accounts of LGBT artists who created them, allowing users to find and support their work as well as discover other contents of the month of pride. Many are pride Pride photos with # pride2017 and #kindcomments.

The month of June is celebrated each year in June to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in New York on June 28, 1969, according to GLAAD, a national LGBT media monitoring organization. The rebellion against police raids in LGBT bars is seen as a momentous moment in the birth of the LGBT rights movement, according to GLAAD. Pride events take place across the country and can range from a weekend parade to a full week of activities.

Instagram has also launched a "rainbow" initiative that will transform the walls of cities around the world into "colored markers," the company announced on Wednesday. Los Angeles will be the first city to own this type of wall, and murals in London, Madrid, Nashville and Cleveland will follow.

Instagram encourages users to visit a rainbow wall to show the support of the LGBT community in each city.

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All stories using pride stickers can be included in the # Pride2017 story of Instagram. Instagramming happy!

Haley Samsel is a student of the American University and digital producer USA TODAY.